The Friday Fives

1. Remember the days when everything wasn’t online, and the workplace had that closet of office supplies? What is your favorite office supply still, even in this digital age?

I can’t work without Post-it notes.

2. What was supposed to be “The Next Big Thing” but completely flopped??

I remember all the hype around the original Segway scooter.

3. What formerly popular but now extinct restaurant do you wish would make a comeback??

My first guess was Casa Bonita, but its comeback is imminent. So I will go with Round The Corner, the burger joint. I fondly remember eating at the one up on the hill while attending Boulder. There were many creative burgers (think of a more expansive Red Robin menu), and each table had a telephone you used to place your order as a fun gimmick.

4. As a GenXer, what will be your ‘walked to school uphill through snow BOTH WAYS’ tale??

Dial-up internet and the internet itself was very sparse and difficult to navigate.

5. How do you start your day??

NYTimes crossword, first thing every morning – usually around 4:30 a.m. before rolling over and returning to sleep.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Note pads. I write down notes in calls versus typing them on my computer.

    2) Seems like digital storage devices keep doing the next big thing and then 3 to 6 months later the next bigger thing. It was the floppy disk, to the zip disk, to the flash drive, to burning CD, to burning DVDs, to cloud storage to implanting a small device in my body to store everything including my soul.

    3) Dammit, Roy. Round the Corner is mine, I tell you! Not for the burgers. The phone was nice. But when I discovered the San Francisco Grilled chees with tomatoes, mayo and pickles…oh mah gawd! I have tried to recreate it, but nothing has come close.

    4) Well, I literally did walk uphill both ways to my elementary school. IT was just under a mile each way. We walked half way down to Morrison, then the other half up to the school and then vice versa. So, get off mah lawn!

    5) Coffee, a nice dog walk and then breakfast.

  2. 1. When working for oneself, paying for office supplies feels very insulting. Nonetheless, my all-time favorites are 3M Tape Flags. Bookmarks, “Sign Here,” and specific data points are all memorialized with tape flags around here.

    2. Tivo. It’s a case study in “first mover advantage.” Turns out that getting there first doesn’t matter if the technology is obviated.

    3. Of the “old Denver” places we’ve lost, two come to mind. First, even though they didn’t serve booze, the Walnut Cafe on Colfax had the best breakfasts on the planet. Eggs Marcos, a three-cheese bacon scramble, is sorely missed. And I’ve never been able to replicate it. Second, I SORELY miss Governor’s Park. The Long Islands, the hot waiters, and the hot Cap Hill kids on the patio made for many a pleasant afternoon.

    4. I attended the same elementary school as Roy did, and it was literally up a hill. In snowy weather, I can recall that cars couldn’t climb the hill, so our parents would pull over and drag us the last block.

    5. Make the bed, and then take care of whatever stuff I need to do to get the cat squared away for the day. Then coffee and a half hour of Channel 2 news.

  3. 1) I have never worked in a regular office. I have however the uncanny ability to acquire lost pens. I have over the years discovered some fantastic pens.

    2) TIVO but then it was rapidly old technology and every tv provider had it and in a better format.

    3) In Denver, I’d have to say Racines. Loved going there with other night shift medics first thing when they opened.

    4) When I was in high school we didn’t have cell phones! We had to talk to whoever answered the fucking land line phone if you wanted to talk to your friends.

    5) Work day : wake 5am, coffee protein shake, poop, shower, brush my tooths, put in work costume, put lunch in lunchbox, out the door by 6 first case starts 7:30.

    Off days : wake around 6:30 enjoy coffee while watching local news. Do whatever the day entails.

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