The Friday Fives

1. What social customs do we need to retire?
Shaking hands. It is so cold and formal and icy and frankly, after 20 months of a pandemic, it seems quite unsafe.

2. What is one invention that you are 100% sure was only invented to annoy you?
Loud deep subwoofers in cars

(Cars – can we talk about cars? My car got raped this weekend. Overnight on Sunday, someone stole the catalytic converter right off the muffler – just a big ol’ rip right off the manifold. )

3. What food would taste absolutely disgusting if you added canned tuna?
Oh, so many things. I say popcorn – it would totally ruin two of my favorite things.

(Seriously though, the converter ripped right off. $800.00 later old Trogg is back up and running and purring like the kitten he is )

4. What do you think is the biggest animal that you can win in a fight barehanded?

A penguin – I am pretty sure I can take one.

(So, these converters are lined with platinum and palladium, and other rare metals and sold for scrap metal. )

5. How do you fall asleep?
A couple of drops of THC tincture under the tongue. My stepdad makes it and it will kick your ass.

(That’s right, someone tried to send Trogg to the scrap heat but he survives – up off the matt and ready to go – take that you criminals!)

RIP Norm you funny son of a bitch

The Friday Fives

1. What’s your favorite color this week?

I like purple to look at and blue to wear

2. What job would be very unsuitable for you?

I think I would really enjoy computer programming but I am pretty dyslexic and would probably suck really bad at it.

3. What’s your favorite Olympic sport?

I like watching table tennis and badminton.

4. Have you ever found yourself stuck out in the rain?

Not very often. I grew up in the high mountain desert and Denver doesn’t get a lot of rain very often. There have been a few commutes, especially when I worked downtown where i got caught in an afternoon thunderstorm but I never got soaked in the rain.

5. What does the tooth fairy do with our teeth?

They are used to feed the fire that fuels our dreams

The Friday Fives

Some famous guy

1. If you could design your life exactly how you’d like, how famous would you be?
I don’t think I would like to be really famous – like everybody knows my name famous – but maybe a famous writer and philosopher-king with a series of bestsellers and sold-out book store book signings.

2. How often would you travel?
As little as possible. I like other destinations – I hate planning trips and the obligation of having to go through with those plans and hate the traveling that is part of travel itself. That is why we need to double down and get serious about Star Trek technology and give me a transporter.

3. How many people would live with you?
Very few.

4. How often would you eat out at restaurants?
Quite often – it is nice to have other people cook for me.

5. What new hobby would you get into?
Maybe golf?

The Friday Fives

1. Where is the best local pizza?

Denver has a lot of pizza joints and many different styles – but lately my go to is Williams 303 over on Lowry.

2. Is there any food better than pizza?  

Silly question, no. I could eat pizza every day.

3. What is the best topping on pizza?

Back in my meat eating days: pepperoni. Nowadays pizza must always include jalapeño peppers.

4. What would be the worst pizza topping?

Broccoli doesn’t have a place on pizza.

5. Whatever became of Pizzagate?

It is now a ride down at QA on-land in Orlando.

The Friday Fives

1. What’s Something That You Can Say During Sex, But Also At A Job Interview?

“So, how is it going so far?” “Want to see my reference?” “This is so better than the last time!”

2. What do you think won’t exist in 2030?

Television networks. Life/culture will continue to get more and more and more segmented due to technology and social blending that tribalism will so refract that there will be little nationalistic and perhaps even familial and nationalistic identities will dissolve.

3. What smell is the most nostalgic for you?

My mother’s fresh baked bread cooking and my father and the faint scent of his recently smoked tobacco pipe.

4. Who is your favorite Clem?

There are very few Clem’s in the world. I worked with a Clem at a grocery store back in my high school days. A decent, nice guy. Not my favorite Clem, probably. A Clem is that kind of buddy who is there always, day-night whenever you need that friend. I think my favorite Clem might by Donny from is “The Big Lebowski. “Yes – now that is a definition of a Clem.

5. Where’s the most unexpected place you’ve run into someone you knew?

I think a version of this question has appeared before, but I was in a Stuttgart subdivision park just strolling along and ran into a school chum from Craig, Wade Allen, who was an exchange student at the time and going to “uni” just down the road. Pretty odd to find a high school friend randomly on the other side of the world.