The Friday Fives

1. If someone came to your town for the first time what restaurant would you take them to to show off what your town has to offer?

In Denver, just take a drive down Federal Blvd. Tons of Asian, Asian fusion, Mexican, and Latin restaurants that really captures the town and metroplex.

2. What experience do you think everyone should have experienced at least once in their lifetime?

Army Basic training and military service. Made all the difference in my life i so did not have my act together at 19-years old but a drill sargeant barking at you will get you straightened out in no time.

3. What do you typically have for breakfast?

Two soft bowled eggs on a toasted English muffin or toasted English muffin bread.

4. What books have you been reading lately?

I started down a re-read of Edgar Alan Poe and his short stories.

5. What’s the worst holiday?

Columbus Day – Yay! Genocide.

The Friday Fives

1. What everyday item has a hidden feature not everyone knows about?

There is this smaller but still accurate speaker located on your cell phone that you can use by putting the phone up to your ear, and when people speak to you, the entire conversation isn’t being eavesdropped by the line in the grocery store.

2. What is something you used to live and breathe for years but now don’t?

I used to buy CDs and try to be an artist completist, needing/wanting to have an artist’s entire oeuvre. Spotify or other streamers can do that for me now.

3. What book have you read that really needs to be turned into a movie?

There is a series of books by Britt author Jassper Fforde about Thursday Next, who works in the fictional world as local law enforcement and keeps order in books so the stories aren’t ruined for the “reader” folks. It’s a fun series to drop into and would be great on film.

4. If you could dive into a world of fiction and live there, what world would you choose?

Gatsby’s East Egg. All the parties and celebrations. What a fun ride that would be.

5. For city-living folks, what is the craziest thing you have seen?

When I worked downtown in Denver in the middle ’90s, there was a guy who would walk up and down Colfax naked. He was quite mentally troubled, and hopefully, he had gotten help, but to say the least, it was always startling to come upon him while running errands or going to lunch.

The Friday Fives

1. If you could jump into a pool of anything, what would it be full of?

Raspberry Jello.

2. What’s the best wif-fi name you’ve seen?

In my complex someone named their wifi “NSA Monitoring Station 7” that always made me laugh.

3. What do you think the worst smell is?


4. If you could erase one color from existence, which one would it be?

Seasick Green

5. Which celebrity would you choose as a mentor?

Tom Hanks. He has lived a successful life making all the right decisions and he is pretty funny.

The Friday Fives

1. If you where about to be executed, what would your final words be?

“Well, i did not see that coming?”

2. If countries are people, which one will be the best roommate and why?

Sweden. Sweet, nice, pleasant and lots of cocoa.

3. What’s one thing that is worth spending money on once a month?

Paid youtube membership. There is a lot of deep deep content on youtube but the ads are a miserable experience. Paying to have no ads has become a justifiable no brainer.

4. What is a newish lifehack you have discovered that has changed your life?

Baking bread in the microwave.

5. You have 1 hour and $1 million in just 1 store. Where are you going?

Off to the Maserati store !

The Friday Fives

1. What do people do after an orgy?

Slam them on the ass and say “Good game!”

2.  What is something depicted on TV that’s never as easy as it looks?

Having a car explode in a car crash.

3. What are you most insecure about your body and why?

My ass. i used to have a great ass from swiming and bike riding and all that running and marching in the army but now I have a fat flat ass of an old man.

4. What is a newish lifehack you have discovered that has changed your life?

Baking English Muffin Bread in the microwave. It’s fast and doesn’t heat up the whole house.

5. What’s the most misunderstood book that has affected your life?

Moby-Dick. i know have gone on and on about this here on the Fives but read it as an adult with no fear of a test or essay due at the end. It really is quite good and fun and sticks with your.