The Friday Fives

1. It’s a Saturday in June, 1998. What are you doing?

Probably at work at Ryder TRS customer service call center as I working there at the time and always seemed to work Saturdays.

2. The top box office motion picture on the day you were born is how the rest of year goes – so how goes it.?

The Sting – sure, I am always feeling a little bit like I am getting away with something.

3. The number one billboard hit when you graduated high school foretold you future life – how did that go?

Ebony and Ivory. Hmm trying to craft that into a metaphor for my life. I guess it is an indicator that I am a Gemini and there are two sides of me? Sure, I will go with that, why not.

4. What did you parents always do when you were a child that you really appreciate now.

My mother always did my laundry.

5. What did Florida man do on your birthday?

Man throws baby at police while fleeing in stolen car. Sounds like a Coen brothers movie.

The Friday Fives

A potpourri:

1. You are now a professor at Supervillain University. What course do you teach?

The easy answer is the demonic laugh but I think I would teach landscape architecture for the construction of the villain lair.

2. What’s the worst attempt at a foreign accent you’ve ever seen in a movie?

Kevin Costner in Robinhood and perhaps Peter Sellars in The Pink Panther.

3. If you could name a pub on the moon, how would you name it?

The Sattelite Lounge and Lunar Brew House.

4.If you had to go for a week with no internet, how would you spend your time?

I’ve got a solid bit of books, magazines, movies and graphic novels on my Kindle or my laptop. I could make it for a week without the web

5. If you could bring back a TV show for one more season, which would it be?

Lodge 49, from AMC. The two seasons it did air are on Hulu and I highly recommend.

Friday Fotos

Please place your caption in the comments.

Please place your caption in the comments.

Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite band?
Tough to single out. Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s the E Street Band, sometimes it’s Wilco, sometimes the Miles Davis sextet.

2. What band do you simply just despise?
I am kind of done with Van Halen and I never really cared for The Doors.

3. What’s the worst band name?
I have always cringed at the name Skinny Puppy for a band and I can’t explain why.

4. The last three activities/tasks you performed will make up the name of your band – what is your band name?
Drive home, send an email, chat with the team.

I am going with “Chatting While Driving.”

5. What’s jamming in the car? Radio? Music player? music, podcast, audio book, talk radio?
On the way to work, a podcast/talk radio show “The Stephanie Miller Show. On the way home usually music, something off SiriusXM as the mood hits me.

Friday Fives

1. What’s a hobby that’s dying in popularity?

Tatting Nobody makes their own lace anymore. What is the world coming to.

2. During lockdown did you take up a hobby?

I tried my hand and sourdough bread and have gotten pretty good at it.

3. Not that we are out and about, do you have any new interests you want to pursue?
Maybe some camping and getting up into the hilss a little more often.

4. What was ruined because too many people started doing it?

Weekend brunching – too many lines to wait in, kind of ruins the whimsy of a lazy brunch.

5. What does your crazy neighbor do to be labeled “the crazy neighbor”

They guy who lives upstairs will use the remote start mechanism on his truck each more to pre-heat or pre-cool in order to go out later to smoke a ciggire and toke his weed. I have always found that odd.

The Friday Fives

1. What is a fact about the human body that not many people know about?

One person in 20 has an extra rib and it is usually a male

2. What’s a conspiracy theory that annoys you due to how easily disprovable it is?

We landed a man on the moon – pick up a pair of Binoculars or a telescope and just look – we left lots of crap there on :that “Lunar” movie set.

3. What’s the best board game ever?


4. You’ve been tasked with redesigning the human body, what features are you adding or removing?

A prehensile tail.

5. Are you going to keep wearing your mask in places where you are no longer required to?

The Eagle Scout me says yes but I am already getting pretty lax around mask stuff now that I am double Moderna-ed. I was in Mesa County last weekend and most of Grand Junction and Fruita have stopped wearing masks altogether . It was an odd feeling seeing folks in stores with no masks. I am happy the CDC has eased up on mask restrictions but I am concerned as the unvaxxed will go maskless as well and there is no way of knowing who those folks are – it will make going to crowded events a mask worthy event if at all until 70% or more get vaccinated.