2 Replies to “Wacky Friday Fotos”

  1. Ok, which one of you little liberal fruitcakes has the balls to take my gun. Come on, you little pussies…. do it! If ANY one of you little faggot kale eating pussies can get this rifle from my hands… I’ll give you my daughter’s hand in marriage. You little horn dogs want my baby girl Marjorie Taylor Greene? You come through me. Better yet, snowflakes… come ON me.

  2. Man, there is SO much more to unpack in this photo now that I look again (a week later). Look at the second lady in, her friend next to the gun nut. She is shielding her eyes like “Jesus, Margaret, not this shit again. No one took your wool, relax!”

    and then I also note almost everyone else there is Asian. Odd.

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