The Friday Fives

1. Did you catch COVID?

Remarkably, no I have not yet caught the bug. It is a wonder – going into the office nearly every day for 16 months in a call center full of young folks who I doubt were as inoculated with the vaccine as they should be.

2. If not, how, what did you do?

I generally stayed home and my life was work (with a masked and socially distanced) and didn’t eat out or go to shows or other stuff I would have done prior to the outbreak. I also have O-Positive blood which may be a contributing factor. And they say cannabis use has been an indicator to prevent users from catching it. I also take a Chinese herbal approach with doses of oregano oil capsules and Astragalus a couple of times a day (China studies show this is an effective preventative. ) Well, that all all the shots. So many shots.

Or, I was just lucky.

3. What is the future of COVID?

It is here forever. I think over the next five years we will continue to see sporadic seasonal outbreaks but by 2027 or so it will be like the flu – something to be aware of but not the grim reaper that it once was.

4. What is next for the superbugs?

We will continue to see odd and novel viruses pop up and it may be decades before something like COVID hits or it could hit again next week. I had a weird dream that all of North Korea died as the result of a superbug and we were all working to prevent it – and then, well, I woke up to go to the bathroom. I am pretty sure North Korea is still there.

5. It is supposed to be over, but do you still wear a mask, social distance, and stay at home?

I mask in big places like grocery stores and gatherings in unfamiliar places as well as places where still required like doctor’s offices. and I still stay home a lot more than I used to pre-COVID but I have always been a homebody.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Yes. After making it through most of the pandemic and being cautious an such, I caught it this past May.

    2) Strange who gets it and who doesn’t and strange who has it with symptoms and who doesn’t. So not the flu, which if you get it, it sucks. Out of a household of 5, I and my two daughter caught COVID and my wife and son did not. Out of the 3 who caught it, one daughter had nary a symptom throughout.

    3) Alas, I feel we have crossed the threshold of over immunizing and antibiotic-ing our country. It was only a matter of time before the bugs caught on and changed to evade and make our life more like the middle ages.

    4) See above…the biggest super bug is climate change.

    5) I wear a mask in big dense places, socially distance all the time and I, too, do not go out as much as I used to.

  2. Did you catch Covid?

    Hell’s yeah I did! It was March or April. I know I was double vacc’d, but may not have been boosted. It was mild. I mean… it sucked, but I wasn’t hospitalized or anything like that. I didn’t even suspect it was Covid, I just thought I had a bad cold. It lasted about a week.

    If not, how, what did you?

    But, I did. And frankly, besides you clearly not paying attention to the answers here, to even ask me is a HIPAA violation. I work with Medicaid for a living, and we are going to sue your ass!

    What is the future of covid

    It will be remain a part of our lives, and hopefully the annual vacc for that will be rolled into the annual flu vacc.

    What is next for the superbugs?
    You would have to ask Antifa and George Soros. Its common knowledge by now that the virus was a worldwide hoax specifically designed to undermine President Trump’s standing in the public eye. DOY!

    It is supposed to be over, but do you still where a mask, social distance and stay at home?

    I was wearing a mask for the latest upswing in May/June/July. But, I am not wearing one now. Wifey and I still always keep one near in our cars. All doc appts and physical therapy appointments still require them, though. No, I don’t expect to keep on with social distancing. But, I guess we are all at least a little more considerate of people’s personal space at the store now.

  3. 1) Being very careful and in peoples face holes every day I just caught it a couple of weeks ago. Definitely not fun.

    2) I was hyper vigilant doing what I do and I think it was only a matter of time. I aggressively support vaccines and masks. If you don’t then stay home and order everything in.

    3) Agreed it is going to become similar to the flu. Annual boosters, children vaccinated, seasonal outbreaks. Falling off the radar.

    4) We have learned very little in the way of preparation and have a large portion of this country embracing deadly outbreaks. Another will come and it will be whomever is presidents fault.

    5) I wear a mask at the grocery store. I wear a mask all day at work. I wear a mask while I sleep. I want to be invited to events, but I’m not going. I am a home body, and like it that way. I do miss going to movies.

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