Wacky Friday Fotos

Please place your caption in the comments.

Please place your caption in the comments.

2 Replies to “Wacky Friday Fotos”

  1. I am sorry, this is low hanging fruit. You have Boris looking like a mentally disabled turd, who is maybe stuck emotionally at about 12 years old? I was going to tell you I was above making fun of such, but it is clear I am not.

    “Mummy. I need a bell for my bike. The Chinese keep undermining our critical infrastructure plans.”

  2. for the record, I am not here to undermine bikes, or man-children, or retarded folks. Like you, I just stopped in to undermine Boris. Like he needs our help.
    At least he had the awareness to resign. If Trump were in his shoes, he would be gunning for the monarchy.

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