Friday Fives

1. Attacked by Locusts. Do you apply a suave, a balm or a poultice. Explain.
I am generally a balm man, although I sometimes prefer the grit and texture of a poultice (!) What the hell is this question about?

2. We have discussed what you would take to a desert island. But now for where. Where is your “desert island” that you retreat to in your imaginary world.
It can take an unfortunate event to make you learn and rediscover some unknown jewels. I want my desert island to be somewhere around the Thailand resort world of Phuket. Do a Google image search on this place. It truly is paradise.

3. Have you ever been a “Storm Chaser” and been an active participant in some really severe weather?
I lived my most of my life (the first 30 years.) on the Western Slope of Colorado, full of blizzards and wicked cold winters. And I do enjoy intense, ball busting cold. But the topography of my homeland doesn’t really allow tornadoes and I love tornadoes a lot. I would love to be a storm chaser and follow a big twister and thunderstorm across the heartland. But, as my grandmother said, I have no common sense.

4. Phillip Johnson died and got me thinking about my childhood dream of being an architect. What career path do you wish you had taken whenyou had the chance.
Well, besides the architect thing, as a boy I wanted to be either and astronaut (when I was young we were still dropping men onto the moon and the whole space thing captivated our generation.) or a helicopter pilot.

5. Homer Simpson poses the question: “If you could make a better beer, what kind of a beer would you make?I think I would go with a nice, dark Scottish Ale. I made some homebrew Scottish Ale once that was totally amazing, but since it was my first or second attempt at home brewing, I don’t think I could duplicate it. I took no notes and paid no attention to the thing so I would be starting from scratch. But, to answer the question, I would brew a re-creation – a tribute if you will, of that beer.

7 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Well, it all depends on the location of the locust infestation. A poultice could help prevent the attack in the first place. However, if itÂ’s too late for prevention, then a salve is the obvious cure.

    2. The Isle of Misfit Toys.

    3. I’m less of a “storm chaser” than I am a “beer chaser.” Nothing soothes a raw throat after putting pack too many free shots, quite like a beer.

    4. Interestingly enough, my answer is fashion designer. ThereÂ’s something about the marriage of art, science, and sheer hucksterism that I canÂ’t help but be attracted to.

    5. Many things come to mind. Guinness with built-in port. Berlinerwiesser available year round.

  2. 1. When faced with the choice of balm, salve or poultice, the answer is ALWAYS ‘poultice’. Duh.

    2. My island would undoubtedly be off the coast of Italy. And, when I didn’t feel like being deserted, I’d take the aliscafo to Rome and do some shopping.

    3. LOVE violent t-storms. Having been through a tornado as a kid, I thrive on the adrenaline and sheer power. Scary, but it really puts humanity in its place.

    4. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet. I was always interested in medicine, and fortunately nursing is the best fit. I’m actually doing it.

    5. Not being a ‘beer person’, I am forfeiting this question.

  3. 1.) Attacked by locusts? The hell with all that stuff! It’s the RAPTURE!! PICK ME PICK ME!!!

    2.) Ibiza?? Yeah. That’d work.

    3.) Nope. But I’d love to. I’ve always been in awe of the sheer force of Nature. It makes Man’s power seem so contrived.

    4.) Had I had the chance, I’d have loved to be a symphony conductor. There is something mesmerizing about coalescing and shaping different sounds into a coherent whole.

    5.) A better beer? You mean there’s BETTER beer to be had? I feel gypped.

  4. When in doubt, poultice, poultice, poultice.

    Definitely in the South Pacific, where snorkeling would be breathtaking and coconuts abundant (don’t want that scurvy).

    I have stalked a few Storms in my day. Who would have thunk it two completely different victims with the same name???

    I wanted to be a doctor or a judge. I always did like being in charge.

    I do like the cream ale, and the chocolate ports, but they don’t like me. (Attention contents of Julie’s stomach, this is not a drill!!!!)

  5. 1. poultice. why? it sounds the coolest. i imagine angelina jolie saying “poultice” and it gets me all aflutter.

    2. having never been to any sort of tropical environment, i can’t comment. fuck, i can’t even hazard a guess on what it’s like to be relaxed, let alone in some sort of “paradise”.

    3. yeah, i love severe weather…i was in a tornado as a kid as well, and i think i had a pretty good time. 3 stars.

    4. when i was very young i was certain i would be a pro baseball or football player. as i grew older, i’d say architect. i still hold out *some* hope of doing so. but i hate school.

    5. a perfect beer would involve having the effects of morphine.

  6. Am I the only person who has no idea what the word ‘poultice’ means? Is this a whole ‘make fun of Kevin and his limited vocabulary’ party again? Forget it, my name is Doug and I’m outtaaa hheeerreeee!

  7. 1. I must say I’m come from the Salve camp for locust infestations. Rico Salve!

    2. My island would be off the coast of Malaysia (*other side*) near Pulau Tioman (island I visited often as a kid).

    3. I like big scary thunder storms. Tsunamis? no thank you.

    4. A chef!

    5. A chocolate beer with Percocet “notes”…..

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