The Friday Fives

1. Who is a famous person that’s very talented but is also a piece of shit?

Gene Simmons. He can write a fine pop song but is generally a self-described ass hole, a sentiment many feel.

2. What is something in the 2010s that you miss?

Working at Sprint

3. What’s the stupidest thing that has a large fan base?

My first pass would be Professional Wrestling, but I think even more egregious.

4. What’s a song lyric that you completely misheard for a while?

“I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” by England Dan and John Ford Coley. I used to hear “I don’t want to talk about the linens” instead of “I’m not talking about movin’ in.” I know, it makes no sense.

5. What device, service, or app do you use to listen to music today?

Sirius and Spotify. It really has been a roller coaster for the last 20 years for media formats, hasn’t it? Cassettes, CDs, and then MP3s then over to Pandora, followed by all the streaming.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Kevin Spacey – Like so many talented actors, he has some ugly skeletons that come out to play and now he is nobody.

    2. 2010 was a blur, but life settled down a bit after having 3 kids, moving and such. Now everything seems like its in motion all the time. Adulting and responsibilities suck.

    3. Anime – hate anime, the style seems old, the storylines are dumb and I hate it.

    4. La Bamba does not just go Ba Ba Ba Ba La Bamba apparently.

    5. Many different music modes. I do have spotify throughout my smart devices and phone. When working on my computer I put my digital MP3 library on shuffle and listen to that. My backyard sound system runs by plugging into my old iPod with many lovely songs. And in my truck I still have a CD player and CDs that I change out regularly.

  2. 1. John Mayer. One of the best guitarists of his generation, and generally a prick otherwise.

    2. Obama.

    3. NASCAR.

    4. “Thine Al a bastard cities gleam.” That’s the problem with learning songs before you can read.

    5. Oddly, Tunein, which is an app that lets me stream terrestrial radio stations.

  3. 1) Mariah Cary, man that bitch can sing but she is human garbage.

    2) ????

    3) Trump

    4) Bingo Jed left the light on, instead of big ol jet airliner.

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