The Friday Fives

1. Six years ago this week, Prince died. What’s your favorite Prince song?

This is so easy – the super bowl performance montage.

2. Who sucks more – Phil Collins or Billy Joel ?

Billy Joel. Really jump on the treadmill, put Billy Joel on the headphones, and take a walk. You will fall asleep.

3. Who sucks more – The Who or The Doors?

The Doors. Maybe not fair but having lived in college dorms for three years and in army barracks for three years, I never need to hear the Doors again as their greatest hits were part of the constant soundtrack for that part of his life.

4. What sucks more – a drum solo or a guitar solo?

This is difficult. I am currently going down a Wilco rabbit hole listening to a deep play list of Wilco on Spotify and they have lots of drum solos and guitar solos. But I am going to go with a drum solo in response to Grateful Dead shows where I always skip the drum solo jam on every show.

5. What’s the song you have been listening to for years and still love it?

Probably goes back to high school and late ’70s rock and an old stand-by from Foreigner “Jukebox Hero.”

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Let’s Go Crazy. Hands down my favorite.

    2. Billy Joel. An absolute no brainer. His work has aged so, so badly.

    3. I’m going to to with the Who. Because despite members departing for various reasons, they just kept going. And getting worse and worse.

    4. Drum solo. Complete waste of time. The drummer doesn’t need a solo. He already gets all of the chicks.

    5. I Want You by Elvis Costello. And oldie, but still a creepy anthem about obsession.

  2. 1) Cream (and almost anything he does acoustically and live).

    2) Phil Collins doesn’t suck, but also doesn’t match up to Billy Joel.. Shit, there isn’t a contest in my book. From Piano Man and Glass Houses to Allentown. And I do like Phil, but Sussudio in comparison doesn’t compare. Phil with Genesis is a not a comparison with a solo artist either.

    3) Again, neither sucks in my book. But I would put the Doors as the loser here. The Who have too deep a catalog in comparison with the Doors. Could Jim and the boys done more…I would argue no. They had a sound, the Who had so much more.

    4) Let’s dig a bit deeper, because there are good and meh versions of both. Let’s compare two maestros like Eddie Van Halen and Neil Pert. In this comparison, I would edge Neil over Eddie, but not by much. Plus, both are dead.

    5) Crazy Love by Poco.

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