The Friday Fives

No theme random question shuffle:

1. If WW3 hits where is the safest place to ride this thing out?

I think we are pretty safe here in the good ol’ U.S. of A but let’s play this out and say we are a target of bombs as well – then my dudes, I am hauling my ass to South America – Uraguay or Argentina – give me the tropics and the beach to ride out the conflict.

2. What is your Spirit Animal and why do you believe it is so?

Baby elephants – those cute little puppies speak to me – they are so fun-loving and curious I am certain I was one in a different lifetime.

3. What new categories would you add to the Oscars to make them more entertaining?

I think the Academy should buy out the Razzies and include those categories that give awards of the worst of the worst of that year’s cinema and put those awards on the same stage as Oscar.

4. What foods have the worst “hangovers”?

Bagels for me. Those things are so heavy in carbohydrates – they crank my blood sugar so high – but a good bagel and an ample smear of cream cheese – oh, man – that is hard not to have two of.

5. What was the first video game you ever played?

Pong – the old standby – played at Harold Hoffman’s house up at the top of the hill on Legion street on one cold Christmas holiday evening. I have a deep and distinct memory of it. The Pong machine by Atari was a magical mesmerizing thing.

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  1. 1) I agree I think we’re probably safe here in the US, but if I had to I’d probably head to Costa Rica. I struggle to see them as any sort of target for anything. Aside from great surfing and beaches.

    2) Funny Roy should pick a baby elephant, I associate my spirit animal with a full grown bull elephant. Incredibly protective of his family and very in tune emotionally.

    3) Best on screen use of swearing.

    4) Mac and cheese. Carbs, cream, cheese it’s all a big body hangover the following day.

    5) Breakout, on a pong machine just bouncing that little square back and destroying the bricks at the top.

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