It’s Election Time In The City

I don’t know if the “strong mayor” form of government, as it is termed in this Westword article, is necessarily a good thing for Denver, but it does make watching local politics more fun when, as they say in the article, the only celebrity in town is the one running the show. And with term limits, Mayor-for-life Wellington Webb must step down after 12 years at the helm. That brings on a host of hopefuls and gives this spring and summer some fun. Many years ago, Denver, in a smart move, changed its city elections to an odd numbered year and schedules the races in the summer hoping to attract more attention to the issues. And if history is any indication, these races always have something talk about. Webb became famous for walking every neighborhood in town, wearing out a pair of shoes. Federico Pena became famous for his breakfast fests all over town as he hustled to get the new airport built. What is in store for us this summer?