The Ethan Chronicles

Well, I finished Marsha’s book. It is the story of a mother and her family as they deal with the sudden loss of the 21-year old son Ethan after a car crash in Douglas County 1996. This is a first book by author Marsha Willis and weaves between fiction and non fiction as she tells the story of her alter ego – Ann Williams and how Ann dealt with the death of her son. We meet the Felton family, Willis’s ficticious creation for the family whose 18-year-old son Matt crashed into Ethan whiel speeding down a quiet country road. We see the trial and the legal process that stumbles along while trying to do justice. And we experience the emotions everyone who has ever lost a love one has experienced while dealing with the many stages of loss. A good read, well crafted and perhaps, in this age of road rage and litigious justice, a nice reminder to remember those we lost and deal with anger and sadness in positive ways.