The Friday Fives

1. Last party you went to?

Not sure I would call it a party, but it was a “celebration of life” for a dear friend and family, just last night and I have a dinner party on the books for tonight – look at me getting all social out there.

2. How can a kid become like you when they grow up?

Lot’s of innocent accidents and grandma who was the very definiation of patience and virtue. And a great, fairly normal family life as a child didn’t hurt.

3. What’s changed in the world that you’ve had a hard time keeping up with?

I quit keeping up with Top 40 music and music trends about 15 years ago and now just default to alternative indie stuff if I am searching fro new music to groove too. I can’t keep up with or understand the new modern country music at all.

4. What safeguards do you use to avoi
d mistakes?

A once over on an email or document, reading it outl loud if it is complicated – before sending, submitting. Also Grammarly is pretty great.

5. What’s your favorite game?

Card game: Pinochle. Board game: Risk. (I never played or at least finished/enjoyed Risk as a kid. But in the army, my roommate was a bit of a savant and taught me the real ins and outs of the game and as such it rocks. Table top game: There is still a soft spot in my heard for Dungeons and Dragons that I played in high school, college and in the army – many many hours of my life slaying orcs, demons and dragons.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. before I publish my answers in their entirety, I finally understand #4. I have taken to starting just about everything that will be more than 3 sentences in word. even if its an email. word not only spell checks, but grammar checks as well. I’ll read it, read it, and edit it all in world. Then, copy my reply to email. This is also a really good trick to learning and memorizing stuff… engaging the different parts of your brain.

    I also did one of those things you see in movie, or articles by people like Dr Phil. the other night i was working LATE… about 2 am. This means I was a little punchy, and I knew it. It wasn’t a big ole’ Jerry McGuire ‘you guys suck and here’s why. It was actually good and thoughtful and helpful. But,I figured best to sit on that one for a bit; I only emailed it to myself. I realized any missive coming from a manager at nearly 3 am was a bad idea.

  2. 1) I enjoyed a poolside BBQ in Irvine, California two weeks ago. Very lovely.

    2) Coming out of the far side of a dysfunctional family with great siblings.

    3) Music. But I would add that I don’t have a hard time keeping up with it. It’s just that most of it is not interesting or epic or inventive. Everyone is playing for a song or two. I miss thealbums with deep tracks that rocked and to have musical artists that you could grow with and evolve with. I feel like U2 is one of the last of that generation of bands worth following from the beginning.

    4) Double-check all my auto payments accounts regularly. The whole set it and forget it will only lead to a bunch of money being lost in fees and penalties.

    5) Video game is the Halo series. The board game is a hard one, but I will say Life. Cribbage for cards.

  3. 1) I went to a meet & greet bbq with the class ahead of mine when I started school 2y months ago.

    2) Great parents, mediocre effort, lots of emotional issues and a willingness to put in lots of hours.

    3) echoing you, music is something I just have not kept up with. I genuinely have zero interest to do so as most new music these days is kinda lame.

    4) Constant vigilance while monitoring patients under anesthesia. Double checking the patient history even if the dr has already done it. Double checking drug concentrations and doses…

    5) Video: Borderlands series
    Board b cards: nightmare chess

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