The Friday Fives

List those five things we assume Donald Trump can do in his retirement?

  1. Golf, sure but I see this as kind of a Bluth family affair on Arrested Development – the Trumps find themselves broke so they are forced to open a nationwide miniature golf franchise to try and stay afloat.
  2. Perhaps he can become an angler – going off each morning to soak his bare feet in the pier at Mar – A – Lago , wearing overalls and straw hat – casting a reel.
  3. He will spend most of his time in courtrooms answering bankruptcy judges questions on where all the money went – sweating and yelling and getting fined over and over again for his courtroom behavior.
  4. Back to gold – make it more Bluth-like – may Frisbee gold courses or Ultimate – something that his fat ass would never be able to attempt without breaking a hip or knee.
  5. And of course, his fat ass can just go off to jail.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Fuck off!

    2) Go to jail.

    3) Get murdered by a Russian mobster tha5 he owes money to.

    4) Once in prison he can get passed around by the larger, stronger more aggressive inmates.

    5) Be slathered in bacon fat staked out in the wilderness and left for the wild animals to dispose of.

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