The Friday Fives

While we are all working through virus shit – staying home and stuff – we may find our selves starring at the tv or the laptop, tablet, phone.

What are 5 YouTube or Vimeo music videos, performances, docs that you have been watching as we are all hunkered down.

  1. This kid- he is a young 20 year old wanna be rapper who has slowly realized that there is other music besides hip hop and rap. Watch as he and his twin brother revel in the genius of Phil Collins. His channel is pretty addictive:

2. And while we are on the subject of twins – check out these subway buskers who have mastered The Beatles:

3. Mick and Keef go acoustic – sure why not:

4. The genius of Brian Wilson in the studio:

5. And John Prine – God Damn Virus :

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