Friday Fives

Reddit Round-Up:

1. Imagine having a reverse Yelp where we rate customers on their attitudes, manners, and how well they tip. What review would you leave?

I am not sure I am on the correct path with this one, however, if I were to receive ratings on a reverse Yelp from service industry folks, I would get high marks – I am generous tipper, almost never complain about service and am not loud and unruly.

2. A galactic genie suddenly granted 1 wish to the people of Earth. No one knew a wish was going to be granted, the wish was selected by everyone’s inner desire, and majority wins. What wish ends up getting granted?

A gigantic rollback of nature before the time fo global warming.

3. What fact is ignored generously?

See above – global warming.

4. If you had a Teleportation power, what one place in the world would you immediately go?

In the COVID -19 era, it would be Greenland. Look at that map. Virtually no viral spread. Granted nearly no one lives there but still.

5. Which books should everyone read once in their life?
I am a broken record about this but I will continue to shout it at the tops of the trees:


It deserves its reputation as the Great American Novel.

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  1. 1) Was calm polite and did not rush me. Said please and thank you was even courteous enough to ask and then use my name. Tipped more than necessary. I definitely want to serve this person again, 5/5 stars.

    2) Sadly the majority of people are selfish fuckers but on the plus side everyone gets ten million dollars, sadly since everyone has it prices sky rocket and the world economy collapses on itself, everyone is living on the streets with ten million dollars.

    3) Any sort of tan is damaging to your skin. There’s no such thing as a healthy tan.

    4) I’m with Roy, Greenland looks inviting about now. Oh, or maybe a big well stocked house overlooking the ocean. ????

    5) Call of the Wild

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