The Friday Fives

1. Disney has remade all their movies as porn. What are some of the titles?
Snow White and the Seven Whores | Pron | Fantasia (uncut)

2. What is a Monty Python Quote that describes your sex life?
“It’s just a flesh wound!”

3. You’re locked inside your bathroom, what do you do to entertain yourself while you wait for help?
Well, there is always Vaseline.

4. What is your “and everybody clapped” story that is actually true?
I had an employee standoff with a guy who kinda had a psychotic episode and I was able to talk him down and escorted him out of our building with no violence or threats and when I returned to the work floor I got some applause.

5. What is the worst bus ride you’ve ever been on?
You would think it would be some commute from Hell on RTD but I am going to go with the opposite and recall one of the best bus trips ever with a high school pal, John O’Hearn while headed back to Boulder. O’Hearn had to go to Denver for some court thing as I remember and I don’t remember the jokes or anything but I remember we laughed lots and lots. And we were never very close while in school but this bus ride was fun.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Rumpleforeskin. The real “Toy story”.

    2) “There’s nothing wrong with you that an expensive operation can’t prolong.”

    3) Play on my phone or iPad, I rarely if never go to the bathroom without one of them.

    4) Still looking for that moment.

    5) Gunnison to Vegas and back. Longest miserable ride of my existence.

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