The Friday Fives

It has been a while since the last music playlist roulette.
From your playlist of choice (iTunes, Spotify, personal collection, or whatever) what are the first five songs that come up on shuffle.  Why is it  on your list?

  1. “I Was Drunk” Alejandro Escovedo.   This is from the “Discover Weekly Playlist Archive playlist on Spotify.  It is a great outcome from an essential app:  IFTT (If This Then This) which creates a rule and batch script that takes the traditional Spotify  Discovery Playlist and downloads each week’s 25 – 30 songs and loads them into the archive playlist.  Genius.  Lots of new music drawn from stuff you have liked and saved on Spotify.  I saw Alejandro once when they opened for The Old 97’s at the Bluebird in the early Oughts.
  2. “Long May You Run”  The Stills-Young Band.  Same list, same reasons it’s there.  Have you heard of the Neil Young Archive.  Neil has loaded up everything he has dones, albums, outtakes, live appearances and concerts and for a pretty fair, affordable fee you have access to stream – in the words of Esquire reporter Charlie Pierce – The Greatest Living Canadian.
  3.  “Stranger In A Strang Land” Leon Russell Same list.  I came late to show with Leon Russell. I was always more of a Dr. John fan – but Russell had blues piano chops in a very different vein.  He recorded and toured with Elton John once during the dusk of his career.  Good album, wish I had scene the tour.
  4. “Lonesome L.A. Cowboy” – New Riders of the Purple Sage.  An early influencer, if that is correct, of the L.A. Country Rock sound of the 1970s and Echo Valley sound.
  5. “Travelin’ Light” J. J. Cale.  You know him – just listen to some Clapton and you have heard his song.

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