The Friday Fives

1. Have you ever had a nightmare formal dining experience?

I am sure there is one – I used to do some military general staff support big dinners with mucky-mucks.  But the only thing that really comes to mind was Thanksgiving this year – I was setting the table and dyslexic Roy but all the silverware on the table in the wrong order – spoon and knife on the wrong side, the fork on the wrong side, etc. . .  I have set dozens and dozens for formal dinner tables in my days in the service but a simple T-Day dinner and I did it all basakwards.   Not really a nightmare but that is all that comes to mind.

2. What is the worst thing to serve at an all you can eat buffet?

I can do me some damage at a buffet – salads, desserts, sushi, done it all. How about Ethiopian including beef tar tar.  It would take hours to refill and y of the empty courses and the tar tar would definitely go bad.

3. What is your “quick to prepare and impress for company” dinner to host with just minutes notice?

Spaghetti with meat sauce.  Easy peasy, delicious and the Fixin’s are always on hand.

4. What is your grab and go reliable lunch to take to work?

Tuna salad sandwiches.

5. What is your favorite dish that your mom used to make for you?

Lasagne.  Since I am now diabetic and don’t eat meat, it is in the rearview mirror, but if I ever get back on the beef, it is one of the first things I’ll cook.

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