The Friday Fives

1. What normal thing can’t you do?

I am pretty dyslexic about many things and tend to come at things from the wrong direction. As a result, I am not able to play modern video games with any kind of competence.  (I am also told I cut things with knives incorrectly.)

2. What do you personally hate the smell of?

The combination of stale cigarettes and coffee in the morning.

3. People who make their bed in the morning every day, what are the rest of us missing out on?

After being forced to make my bed each morning in the morning while in the army and also as a child – in my college dorm I made it each day so there was somewhere to sit.  As a grown up I don’t really make a bed, per se. I pull up the comforter and toss a ton of pillows bake onto the bed.

4. What is the most pointless thing that actually exists?


5. What is your best use of an item or object that clearly was not made for such use?

I do all sorts of repurposing, but I think my favorite is a kitchen hack – using a hot air corn popper to roast green coffee beans.  

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. While I consider myself to be a very competent home cook, I cannot make a burger or steak without overcooking them. It’s just one of those things I never learned how to do properly.

    2. Rotting garbage. That’s pretty self explanatory, but the thought alone is stomach churning.

    3. I am one who makes the bed upon getting up. This habit started when I was a kid, as it programmed me face the day and not to climb back into bed. The only real benefits are a bit of peace of mind, and the visual proof of order over chaos.

    4. The various sizes of Big Gulps at 7-11. The latest is the Team Gulp which is 128 fluid ounces. When filled with sugar-sweetened soda, it clocks in at 1,600 calories. Really America?

    5. In a pinch, I use my defibrillator battery to re-charge my phone.

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