The Friday Fives

1. Who surprises you the most at the fact that they are still alive?

Keith Richards.  Man, oh man. At age 70 or so, he finally decided to stop drinking – but lordy, did he have along run.

2. Which words sound perfectly normal, but look really dumb spelled out?

Laugh, or any of the silent “GH” words.  They all look so odd.

3. What is surprisingly NOT illegal in your country?

The ability to legally amass a huge personal arsenal of guns and ammo.

4. Without swearing, what is your favorite insult?

From years ago at a backyard barbeque, a friend once told someone, “I don’t know where you’re from, but here it is important for your story to have a point.”  I have always loved that remark.

5. A dad used to tell his children that the noise produced from the fan above the stove came from a creature named Kitchen Willy who lived in the walls; what ridiculous creatures or ghosts did your parents convince you that you were living amongst?

We didn’t have any of those stories but in my adult years, we invented our little brother, Victor, who was raised in my parent’s crawl space and educated by my father in a strict parochial catechism including a full-on nun’s habit.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Rudolph Guliani. Shouldn’t someone who is that consumed anger and venom simply explode like a muppet?

    2. “Zero.”

    3. Echoing Roy, I’m constantly aghast at what passes for a “well ordered militia” in this country.

    4. A classic from my teenage years. Louis Coghill once pointed out, “Ed, you’re drunk.” To which I said, “Louis you’re stupid. At least tomorrow I’ll be sober.”

    5. In our summer house, there was an exterior door that was non functional. My dad said it was where the boogie man lived. As irrational as that sounds, I never messed with that door.

  2. 1) Rush Limbaugh- that guy is just a train wreck of health issues.

    2) Shit I am in biochemistry right now all those words look and sound ridiculous, like they are just made up.

    3) Going to the emergency room for absolute bull shit.

    4) I told someone recently that its a joke not a dick, try not to take it so hard. 😮

    5) My dad used to go jogging, when he came home all covered in sweat he would tell us that a troll threw a bucket of water on him that’s why he was all wet.

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