The Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite food?

Pizza.  But I am trying to ratchet down the carbs due to blood sugar concerns.  So I am working on a less” carby” dough.  For great, amazing and easy homemade pizza, get Jim Lahey’s book “My Pizza”  He has this thing figured out – better than anything you will have delivered.

2. What is your favorite food preparation method?

Basted eggs. Take two eggs, crack them open in a non-stick frying pan  warm.and the pan with some olive oil. (For the fry and the flavor. ) put about a tablespoon of water in a lid for the pan and toss the water into the pan and cover. The eggs will be done in about 90 seconds and the whites will be light and plumpy and the yolks will be perfect.

3. What is your favorite cuisine or style of cooking?
Cuisine – probably Tex-Mex. Ole. Viva. Tacos.

4. Do you have any dietary restrictions and if so what are they?
Carbs, sugar and I am a vegetarian (really more of a flexa-tarian (I eat cheese, eggs, fish but no “meats” ), so there is that.

5. If you could introduce the whole world to one ingredient to improve their culinary experience, what would that be and why?

Fresh roasted, purchased from a roadside stand, Hatch or Pueblo green chilis – mmm. (Put them in the skillet with the eggs detailed above and you have a yummy spicy breakfast.)

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. So hard to choose, but pizza is probably my go to or really good sushi, when I have some cash.

    2. I love me some slowcooker. Done right, the magic of throwing shit in aa big pot and leaving for the day and coming back to a yummy meal, is awesome.

    3. Mexican, but not Mexican pizza. Taco Bell screwed that up for me.

    4. Restriction? No. Just dietary choices, some good, some not so good, some downright horrible.

    5.Cumin is a wonderful spice that, used correctly, can make a number of foods taste like you actually know how to cook.

  2. 1. I don’t really have a favorite food. However, I don’t think I could ever eat too much unagi.

    2. Various braising techniques. It’s always fun to transform the taste and texture of foods through cooking them slowly.

    3. Vietnamese. Such a vast, delicious cuisine.

    4. No real restrictions.

    5. I’m torn between Harissa and gochujang. Both are spicy, and can transform a dish, but they are quite different in their respective flavor profiles.

  3. 1) Pasta, I love it with a variety of sauces and cheese. Lots of varied gooey melts cheese.

    2) Roasted. I love some asparagus with light drizzle of evoo and some kosher salt roasted until almost burnt.

    3) Italian. The liberal use of garlic is awesome.

    4) Shellfish and I have an understanding. I don’t eat it and I don’t swell up and die.

    5) dunno I tend to follow the recipes.

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