Friday Fives

1. People who walk around talking on speaker phone, why?
I think it starts as an attempt to get around hands-free phone driving laws for people to cheap to move to a car speakerphone. Also, people are immune to the idea that the world is not all about them.

2. People who are driving down the interstate putting on makeup while talking on the phone, why?
There is an ill-founded idea in our society that everyone must be multi-tasking all the time. However, driving is not one of those tasks. Focus, people! Also, people are immune to the idea that the world is not all about them.

3. People who always back into a parking lot space, regardless of the size of their vehicle, why?
I think it started with parents in the armed forces teaching their children to drive and stressing the back in parking thing. It turns out it is about a 50/50 thing and the National Highway Safety Board thinks it is perfectly fine and safe. Then compound that with newer vehicles that have a backup/parking camera included, so why not use it. Also, people are immune to the idea that the world is not all about them.

4. People who have dinner prep meal packages deliver to cook themselves, why?
Folks are generally unorganized, bad at time management and scared of cooking. It is so easy to cook a decent dinner, even ones with fancy ingredients but it is a matter of planning ahead.

5. People who participate in dogfighting, why?
It’s a power thing, a way to feel powerful over the least among us. Also, people are immune to the idea that the world is not all about them.

3 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Because they’re…stupid.

    2) Because they’re…stupider.

    3) This is a funny one, because they generally have a harder time backing in to the space then backing out of the space. And…they’re stupid.

    4) Lazy and…they’re too stupid to think.

    5) Hmmmm, no sense of compassion. I think duck fighting would be much more appropriate, because when you look into the dead black orb of a duck there is not soul.

  2. Hmmmm. . . . .a lot of these revolve around an inflated sense of self-importance.

    1. It’s their way of telling the world, “Look at me. I’m important. See how important I am?”

    2. By “people,” you mostly mean women, so. . . . I’ve always observed that men and women view time management differently. Yes it’s dangerous, and yes they are probably doing a lousy job of applying makeup. However, somewhere in these peoples’ minds, it seems to a life hack that is worth the danger.

    3. I view this as a (somewhat dickish) method of time shifting. At some point you will likely need to put a vehicle in reverse in order to get out of a parking space. Such people get the reverse part over first.

    4. Tony and Roy already hit on the key elements. Laziness, a lack of creativity, a lack of skill, and a lack of willingness to plan ahead (and a hatred for the earth–given the amount of packaging) equaled a massive market opportunity.

    5. Cultural differences? I don’t think this is explained away in any rational way.

  3. 1) I love it when they are holding the phone up in front of their face on speaker. It’s like just turn your wrist a bit and hold it to your fucking ear!

    2) Have ever seen what lipstick to the face at 300mph from an airbag looks like? I have it’s disturbing.

    3) Most minor accidents happen in reverse. It would be better to park a little fiurther away and drive through to avoid reverse all together.

    4) To break out of a rut? To expose their palate to things that they normally wouldn’t try. That or cuz they’re lazy and stupid .

    5) pieces of excrement!

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