Friday Fives

1. What is the worst state in the United States and why?

This is a tough one.  All states have some exceptionally great people and pockets of wonderful communities and stunning sites to visit. But to take the whole I vote for Alabama, with Mississippi a close second pick.

2. What is the best state?

Colorado. D’uh.  Have you seen this place?  Get to the hills, get in your car and drive. Get out of the suburbs and see this place.  It’s pretty swell.  And kinda weird in a good weird way – Headless chicken days in Fruita. Dead guy days in Nederland.  Rocky Mountain oysters.  The place can be weird.

3. What state is your favorite to visit?

I haven’t done a lot of interstate visiting, but I enjoy California and the Cheasepeak Bay in Virginia.

4. What state have you never been to?

Many.  Ohio (all I had to do when in Kentucky was cross the river. What was I thinking.), North Carolina, West Virginia, most of New England, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee

5. What state(s) could be eliminated and no one would notice?

Combine the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming and free up all those electoral college votes and those Senators !

3 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. I’ll vote for Oklahoma. It’s a hotbed of hypocritical behavior, and fancies itself as the buckle in the bible belt. Enough said.

    2. Tough one. All states have their challenges and their strengths. However, I’m always happiest heading home to Colorado.

    3. Hawaii. So isolated, so beautiful and so lightly populated.

    4. Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont. So I’ve been to 35 out of 50 I guess.

    5. I like this idea of combining the Dakotas. They really don’t deserve to have four US Senators. Let’s go hog wild and combine them with Wyoming.

  2. 1) Rhode Island. Providence is a shithole and why does the east coast get to have those dinky little states anyway?

    2) Stay true to Colorado blue. Home is where my heart is on this one.

    3) I do love me some Washington. Still have more to discover in that state. So many things, that it is a close second to Colorado for best state.

    4) After my trip to Alaska a couple years ago, there is only three states I have not set foot in. They are Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine.

    5) I am going back to my east coast dilemma and all those small states need to become one.

  3. 1) Louisiana.

    2) I’m a big fan of Colorado, but I haven’t visited all the states.

    3) Michigan. Lots of lakes lots of cool stuff.

    4) The list is too large.

    5) Uniting the Dakotas and the Carolinas is a solid start.

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