Friday Fives

1. What’s the creepiest thing you could softly whisper to a stranger who’s alone in an elevator with you?

“Psst, that guy from the parking lot – he’s still following us.”

2. You’re a burglar but instead of stealing things you do things that mildly inconvenience your victims. What is your crime?

Move everything in all the closets to a different closet and stacked/hung in reverse.

3. When the apocalypse comes what will you horde to use as currency?

Coffee.  It is the elixir that actually fuels this world. Not gold or money – coffee gets things done!  I will corner the market.  Beware, I am the coffee God!!

4. Which is the most interesting fact you know about the human body?

No one really knows what spleen does.  We know it is in there and it is probably important but we don’t know what it does.

5. What’s the creepiest thing that has been found underwater?

Chthulu!  He lives!!  (And apparently, he has a functioning spleen.  Who knew.)

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. In a whisper, “Would you like to scratch my tummy?”

    2. I find all of their embarrassing items and place them on the dining room table for all to see.

    3. Pony hair. It has magical powers.

    4. We still have tails. Intelligent design my ass.

    5. Natalie Wood.

  2. 1) You smell different when you’re sleeping.

    2) I change all of their preset radio stations in their car.

    3) Teeth

    4) The body can take three times the impact straight on from the front that it can from any other direction.

    5) The guy that had the heart attack in his hot tub but was not found for 3.5 days. So um yeah human stew.

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