Friday Fives

1. Have you ever done one of those genetics tests like “23 and me” or “Ancestry DNA?” What did you learn?
I did the Ancestry DNA thing. Turns out I’m a white guy 77% from England and 10% Scandinavian. Not really a surprise. My great-grandfather came over from England.

2. Do you have some family lore about your family heritage that is most probably just a tall tale?
Supposedly we are some sort of shirttail relatives to Butch Cassidy on the Larson side of the family but I have no way of verifying.

3. If a stranger came up to you and had to guess your heritage based on common stereotypes, what would they say?
Wow, you are sure white. There is little mystery to my origins, I suppose.

4. As you age and look in the mirror, what family member do you most reveal?
It used to be my mother but as I age I look more like my father.

5. If you go to pick your genetic heritage what traits or ancestry would you choose?
Make me taller and with bigger hands, please. That will do.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I have not done one, but would like to. There is a lot of pieces of information missing from my knowledge of my DNA.

    2) Indian is somewhere in my history…but I think everyone says that.

    3) Big dumb mook, with a a bit of italian and maybe a bigger dumber mook.

    4) Definitely my Dad.

    5) The trait of a high metabolism as I age, so I could eat normally (not even whatever I wanted) and not gain a bunch of weight.

  2. 1) I did the ancestry DNA thing. It basically told me I was from Western Europe. That and for more details they could break it down further for more $$.

    2) Nope.

    3) Jew, but most people are stupid and don’t know anything.

    4) Dad. With subtle hints of mom.

    5) I’m with Tony on this one. Some sort of faster metabolism, I’d like a little bit of a gene that allows for a tan.

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