Friday Fives

1. Are you a good worker?
I was at my last job for 16 years with lots of promotions and additional responsibilities. So yeah, I guess folks who decide these kinds of things think I am a good worker.

2. What do you carry?
Wallet, cell phone, a Fitbit, usually about $40.00 in cash – and in my bag/car, a big ass knife.

3. Do you know your neighbors?
Across the hall yes. Other neighbors, no. but in the past, I have gotten to know my neighbors and a number of them are still friends today. Hi, Mark. Hi, Robert.

4. Where do you like to go for a day trip?
There is a nice quiet group of parks up above Morrison that belongs to the city of Denver along the river and they are very peaceful and quiet and a nice little getaway.

5. What is at your feet?
A cushy ottoman that has too many books piled on it. And I am wearing some fluffy slippers.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Not really. My motto is work smart and appear to break a sweat.

    2. My kitty. A glass of bourbon. Oh, do you mean most of the time? Then I’ll answer my keys, wallet, phone, and some form of eyewear.

    3. To varying degrees, and even at that superficially. Next door is Neighbor Dan (not to confused with Handyman Dan) he’s a sleep researcher and world class boozer. Next to him is Sam, a nosy 60-something gay man, across the hall is Diane, who own’s Annie’s Cafe. Down the hall is Crazy Gay Michael (in the process of being evicted), and Hot Bob (hot friendly stoner who is sleeping with the building superintendent Stephanie).

    4. Lakewood baby! Whatever you need, you’ll find it in Lakewood. And as an added bonus, Lakewood was once named the Most Romantic City in Colorado, so single people be on the lookout.

    5. Kitty.

  2. 1) yes I’ve always worked my butt off, only having one job for the briefest of periods since high school.

    2) Wallet, keys, cell phone, school bag with books, notebooks, laptop, calculator, pens & pencils, listening strips, oral b floss/picks, and safety glasses.

    3) Kinda, well enough to be asked to bring in trash cans etc.

    4) The beach. It’s kinda why we moved here. Sitting under an awning people watching enjoying the breezes.

    5) couple of dogs it’s 5 minutes until dinner time.

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