Friday Fives

1. What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen while in traffic?
On a monthly commute from Gunnison to Grand Junction for the army reserves and a stay with grandma, I found myself a couple of time behind a car where the driver had a magazine place on his steering wheel and he was getting a bit of reading done on the commute. This was before the rise of the internet and the advent of the cellphone – this was old school texting and driving

2. Add ‘ing’ to the end of a movie title, what is the movie about now?
Raiders of the Lost Arking about a search for a missing welder.

3. What is the funniest name you have actually heard used in the real world?
We now have an Attorney General named Beauregard. It would be funny if he wasn’t scary.

4. What is something that you absolutely hate waiting for?
Getting stuck in a drive thru line that is taking too long because the computer has crashed or they can’t take a credit card and you are trapped in the line and go forward, backward or get out of the line.

5. What game did you have an unhealthy addiction with at one point?
“2048” Google – it is family safe but you will never be same afterward. The next 3 or 4 months of your life will be lost.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Once when I was a child, my mom was driving my sister and I home from school. On our way past the drive-in theater, there was a couple standing outside of a car on the side of the road having a heated argument. The argument concluded with the man picking up the woman and putting her in the trunk of the car and then driving out of town.

    2. The Bling Ringing. It’s a documentary about bedazzled cell phones.

    3. I’ve gotta go with Benedict Cumberbatch. Seriously–why didn’t he change his name?

    4. I really hate waiting for an elevator. I consider myself a fairly patient person, but I get really fidgety and cranky while waiting for an elevator to arrive.

    5. A very simple, but very hard Solitaire game called Canfield. It’s very easy to play, but the chances of winning are about 3%. So it’s pretty vexing.

  2. 1) I have spent a great deal of time in traffic. I saw a man in nearly full gimp gear putting on lipstick while yanking it, that has got to be the weirdest.

    2) The Ringing. It’s a documentary about old school bell ringers up through the cheeses bell choirs in churches nowadays and how digital gels are ruining their craft.

    3) My dads aunt. Her true name was Francine but she went by Fanny. The best part was her last name was Finkelstein! So she went by Fanny Finklestein!

    4) Grades to come out.

    5) I am a video game addict. That being said candy crush soda in an addiction I have not yet gotten over.

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