Friday Fives


Birthday Blues

1. What is your earliest birthday memories?
I remember one from around my fourth year at my grandmother’s house in Craig over on Stout Street. I remember the cake and opening presents and a room of people. I don’t recall any gifts I received.

2. What was your favorite birthday memory?
I think I was nine or ten when my parents bought me a bike, that was pretty special. And although it wasn’t on my birthday proper, when I turned 50 I went to the Kentucky Derby in Louisville and that was pretty great.

3. What was your worst birthday memory?
Not certain. I guess the first one away from home while I was in the army. I was in training, just out of boot camp when I turned 21. In order to get a weekend pass, I had to do something like 100 push ups and sits ups and run some sprints. I was exhausted. I celebrated in the lounge of a local Holiday Inn in Columbia, South Carolina.

4. Have you ever done something unique for someone’s birthday?
We threw my father a pretty great birthday for his 50th. I have never really planned a surprise birthday party or anything like that.

5. Have you lied about your age?
Today is the 16th anniversary of my 37th birthday – does a ruse like that count? Otherwise, no, I am not too caught up in hiding my age.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. I remember my third birthday pretty vividly. I received a tricycle for my birthday, and I found the newfound mobility to be liberating. I literally fell asleep on my tricycle that evening and my dad had to pick me up and take me inside to bed.

    2. A number of years ago, I was faced with a tough choice–either spend my birthday traveling back from Europe, or spend my birthday alone in Paris. I chose to spend it in Paris. While spending the day alone was odd, I made the best of it; visiting museums and eating much foie gras.

    3. I think it was my 19th. I was home from college for the summer and I was working at night, and sleeping during the day (which in and of itself was awful). However what made the day suck was that it went unacknowledged by my parents–save for leaving me a card on the dining room table.

    4. Casa Bonita baby!

    5. Yes. Sometimes I do it for comic effect. Other times I lie about my age in order to get millennials to sleep with me.

  2. 1) 3 1/2. The day my little brother came home. I got a big wheel! It was awesome!

    2) tubing in Fraser.

    3) most of them.

    4) was part of a great surprise 70th for my dad.

    5) not in years. I did when I was 18&19 to get into bars n junk.

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