Friday Fives

1. You have an extra $500 to frivolously spend each month, you cannot invest or save it, what do you spend it on?
All the California wine I can get my hands on before the prices go through the work.

2. What terrible alcoholic drinks did you try as a young adult?
19 years-old, one summer – way too many beers and tequila mixed together. This was way before tequiza, which is tequila flavored malt liquor. No this was the real thing and looking back I am amazed we could actually drink it.

3. You wake up, current age, and it’s 1974. What are you going to do with your day?
Invest in as many technology-based stocks as possible.

4. In 40 years what will people be nostalgic for?
America, before the nukes, melted it.

5. You have one-chance to steal anyone’s talent. Who’s talent do you steal?
One of those porn stars with amazing oral sex skills.

Friday Fives

1. What game have you spent the most hours playing?
Probably Suduko on my tablet. I can play for hours. And I am actually pretty good at it.

2. What is the most obscure/forgotten game from your youth that deserves more attention?
I recently recovered this gem is a recent move: Split Second, an early handheld video game that was absolutely great and part of a warm Christmas morning memory.

3. Without actually naming a game, what is your favorite game?
Two card decks, with limited cards, double up and then played in a fashion similar to spades. (Pinochle)

4. You are killed and Death lets you choose a game to challenge him at for another chance at life. What game do you choose?
Back to Suduko played on my tabled. On the “Hard” level, my record is 93 seconds. Take that Death!

5. What video game are you the most nostalgic about?
Atari’s Missile Command.

Friday Fives

1. What’s the worst thing Neil Armstrong could have said while stepping on the Moon for the first time?
Oops, missed a step there. Houston, I’ve sprained me kee for all Mainkind.

2. You’re the first astronaut to land on Mars (or another planet). What do you say?
“I’m pretty sure we should taken a left back there, yesterday.”

3. If you could wander around in outer space, where would you go?
Mercury. It is so pretty.

4. What would be the most underwhelming announcement that NASA scientists make on Monday?
“Good afternoon. We have been to space there literally no one there.”

5. If NASA came to you tomorrow and asked if you would be willing to take part in a one-way trip to establish a Martian colony would you accept?
Sure, why not. I am a single guy in my early 50s – let’s go.

Friday Fives

1. What was your favorite breakfast during childhood?
As a kid we always had farm fresh cream and eggs delivered. Quite often, so cereal we would have sweet cream the consistency of sour cream that we would plop atop our breakfast cereal and wash it down with orange juice. mmmmmmmm.

2. Why is a muffin considered a legitimate breakfast option but cake isn’t?
Blame Queen Victoria. When there is a weird menu selection that I can never understand I usually imagine was some odd favorite/standard from Queen Victoria.

3. What beverage do you typically drink with each of the 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?
Breakfast: Coffee. Lunch: Iced tea. Dinner: A nice gin-based cocktail.

4. What is your favorite grownup breakfast cereal? And as a child?
Cheerios with some yogurt. As a kid, tough one but probably Sugar Smacks.

5. What’s the greatest breakfast food invention of all time?
The Breakfast Burrito. Yumm-O

Friday Fives

1. What’s really stressing you out right now?
I am the king of the great procrastination. I moved into the new place over a month ago and most of the boxes strewn about are mine and I really need to finish unpacking.

2. What nice gesture actually bothers you?
The handshake that seems to come from nowhere. Hard to explain, but I interview a lot of people for jobs and most are so nervous they seem to foget some of the basics of etiquette and decorum and I end up shaking hands a couple of times.

3. What’s something people do that screams “I’m looking for attention?”
Big duel smokestack exhausts on a diesel pick up truck. Ugly.

4. What is your best example of ‘two kinds of people’?
Those who have Springsteen live and those who have not.

5. How are you trying to be a better version of you?
I am down about 8 pounds since starting the new job and have ditched any fast food breakfasts on the way to work.