Friday Fives

1. What isn’t nearly as dangerous as people think?
Generally available fireworks. It’s simple, wet down the lawn and don’t aim them at your eye.

2. What flaws do people often brag about?
Dating, bedding prowess. Sleeping with the entire town is not a strong character trait.

3. What is the loudest thing you’ve managed to sleep through?
I keep a lot of white noise going in my bedroom. A fan, humidifier and air purifier. But across the way outside there is an oxygen supply place and each morning they fill/empty their big truck tanks and I can usually hear it if I am still in bed around 8 am.

4. What’s the cringiest thing you’ve ever seen a person do in public?
In college, at timbers, this one kid was trying to impress his date and pulled his penis out under the table and coaxed her to look and touch Probably worse than unsolicited dick picks.

5. What’s the dumbest thing you believed as a child?
Mr. Moose on Captain Kangaroo was real. (Although I was okay with the fact that Rabbit was a puppet.)

Friday Fives

1. What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen while in traffic?
On a monthly commute from Gunnison to Grand Junction for the army reserves and a stay with grandma, I found myself a couple of time behind a car where the driver had a magazine place on his steering wheel and he was getting a bit of reading done on the commute. This was before the rise of the internet and the advent of the cellphone – this was old school texting and driving

2. Add ‘ing’ to the end of a movie title, what is the movie about now?
Raiders of the Lost Arking about a search for a missing welder.

3. What is the funniest name you have actually heard used in the real world?
We now have an Attorney General named Beauregard. It would be funny if he wasn’t scary.

4. What is something that you absolutely hate waiting for?
Getting stuck in a drive thru line that is taking too long because the computer has crashed or they can’t take a credit card and you are trapped in the line and go forward, backward or get out of the line.

5. What game did you have an unhealthy addiction with at one point?
“2048” Google – it is family safe but you will never be same afterward. The next 3 or 4 months of your life will be lost.

Friday Fives

1. If you could quit your job and pursue your hobby full-time with financial security, what hobby would you pursue?
I will have to agree with Lono on this one, writing. I spent several years as a newspaper reporter at small town newspapers in the early to mid-1990s and loved every bit of it. I wish I had a better mentor in those days to help me past some of my foibles – but I did enjoy the writing, especially the feature pieces (not so much the hard news and chasing down tidbits of news from a city hall meeting) but a profile piece featuring interesting people in small town America was a lot of fun to write. Eventually, it was quite obvious I didn’t have the passion to pursue full-time journalism and moved on to call center management and much better paychecks, but I miss the writing.

2. What’s a hobby others have taken up that just baffles you?
Guns and gun culture. DOn’t need one, don’t understand it. I am not against guns and gun ownership, I just don’t get the religious like devotion to the cause.

3. What was your’s father’s hobby? Is it relevant now?
He was an avid woodworking and sometimes cabinet maker, spending hours and hours in the garage behind his table saw.

4. What is your mother’s hobby? Is it relevant now?
Quilting and gardening. Summers are about growing a vegetable harvest that she can “put up” in cans or freeze for the winter. Winter is about crafting a quilt or occasionally crocheting.

5. What do you imagine your favorite superhero or celebrity’s favorite hobby is?
Donald Trump likes to play with little toy soldiers in his own made up world of armed desktop warrior real estate where he always wins. Pew pew pew.

Friday Fives

Who dunnit?

The great questions that plague mankind. Bonus complication, only one-word answers… except you may expound on one (of your choice)

1. Did Oswald act alone to kill President Kennedy?
That being said, there is always Delillo’s great book “Libra” that takes a fictional account of the events – a great read. As well as a strong conspiracy driven book concerning Nixon and E Howard Hunt’s involvement in the JFK assassination (that is incredibly speculative nonfiction but an interesting supposition – “Watergate: The Hidden History: Nixon, The Mafia, and The CIA.”

2. Did President Trump knowingly collude with Russia for assistance with his election?
The man is not to be trusted and he will do anything to stay on top. He learned his game from Roy Cohn, one of the most ruthless Washington and NYC lawyers around and he surrounds himself with a group of felonious monks, tied to his survival.

3. Was Tony killed in the last episode of the Sopranos?
The unfilmed last scene was a gruesome mob hit.

4. Did OJ kill his ex-wife?

5. Amelia Earhart – captured, or crashed?
Crashed and dead, dead, dead.

Friday Fives

Rock star deaths

Another rock star died today, and by his own hand… again. It’s time to have the talk. The big talk. The one your dad was supposed to have with you when you were 12… but he was afraid to. So, instead he just told your mom that you two had ‘the talk’ and just bought you a Penthouse from that 7-11 over at 44th & Camelback? You know, ‘scary Larry worked there overnights?’ Dude was LEGEND, and would sell ciggies and Mickey’s Big Mouth beers to anyone as long as there were no other customers in the store.

Or… am I being too specific? So let’s just finally have that ‘talk’. The ‘talk’ about rock stars dying.

1. Kurt Cobain – do you think Courtney was involved?

No, I don’t. This guy was a fucked up, depressed addict and he killed himself Next?

2. The ’27 club’, think it’s a real thing, or just a perfect example of confirmation bias?

Confirmation bias and the result of (see abovel applied to a famous too soon crowd.

3. What’s your favorite rock star death? I know that’s a sick question… let me rephrase it ‘what is the most interesting death… to you’?

The deaths of the Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Richie Valens – The Day The Music Died. We almost lost Waylon on that one. What would have become of Outlaw Country without him? Not to mention the lovely narration of the Dukes of Hazard

4. What rock star death hit you the hardest?

Prince, probably. Didn’t see that one coming.

5. Who is the rock star that you are most surprised isn’t dead? Difficulty challenge – other than Keith Richards. Don’t be so obvious, man!

Using Mr. Richards as the gauge – i go with Iggy Pop. He has lived pretty hard and I am surprised he is still alive. A lot of the 1970s and 1980s punk stars still breathing tend to amaze me.

Questions via Lono