The Friday Fives

1. What are you starting to hate as you get older?

Constant lower back pain from sitting too much I mean I walk about 30 or minutes every day but work ties me to my laptop all day and I do gett up and walk around every hour and do flexibility stretching but there just some days when that backis just tugging at me and nagging.

2. If you could instantly learn any instrument, which one would it be?

So like ten seconds ago you couldn’t then Bam! you are now an expert?

I always wanted to play the tuba but my mom dreaded the entire idea of me practicing. The parents talked me into the saxophone for band. Dad already had one so I think it was practical for cost savvings as much as easier on the ears compared to the tuba.

3. What’s the most challenging aspect of adulting for you?

For me it is dealing with Adult ADHD. Concentrating and focusing is getting more difficult as I age.

4. What old school tech gadget is as helpful now as it was 75 years ago?

The god old always handy reliable Handy Man jack. It jacks up your truck, can be used as a winch or even as an iprovised jaws of life to extract a person from a wrecked vehicle. My dad once propped up a dying tree using his jack. He amazed me with this tool-use acumen.

5. What’s something genuinely beautiful that people ruined?

Mt. Everest. The ugly trash all around the base camps. the amount of dead bodies and human excrement buried in all that snow is truly disgusting and has ruined what should have been preserved as a pristine wilderness.

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