The Friday Fives

1. What is one news story we are all missing right now because it gets overshadowed by Corona Virus news?
I think locally it is the drastic drop in oil prices, which is supposed to last for months and its effect on the local fracking industry which is very challenged, cost/expense wise, when oil is under $42.00 a barrel. I am not necessarily pro-fracking but it is a big part of the Colorado economy.

2. What is the sickest you have ever been? Has it put you in hospital?
27-years old and a bad case of the chickenpox. Including what is called chickenpox pneumonia as the pox appears on the insides of the lungs.

3. What is your favorite holistic cure for common cold strains?
Wash your hands. Take oregano oil capsules and astragalus supreme. I generally don’t get colds or other viral sicknesses.

4. The coronavirus has started the largest work from home experiment in the US. What has your experience been like so far?
I haven’t started working from home yet, but based on past experiences, I don’t do well. And the plan for the CV flu deployment will be for me to be an on phone rep. working from home, which is really annoying as I haven’t been that kind of employee for nearly 20 years.

5.Are you scared/worried about getting the coronavirus?
Moderately. I fit many of the sick pron demographics, I work in a densely populated office tower and until recently used public transportation to get to work (I wimped out this week and have been driving it.)

The Friday Fives

1. Disney has remade all their movies as porn. What are some of the titles?
Snow White and the Seven Whores | Pron | Fantasia (uncut)

2. What is a Monty Python Quote that describes your sex life?
“It’s just a flesh wound!”

3. You’re locked inside your bathroom, what do you do to entertain yourself while you wait for help?
Well, there is always Vaseline.

4. What is your “and everybody clapped” story that is actually true?
I had an employee standoff with a guy who kinda had a psychotic episode and I was able to talk him down and escorted him out of our building with no violence or threats and when I returned to the work floor I got some applause.

5. What is the worst bus ride you’ve ever been on?
You would think it would be some commute from Hell on RTD but I am going to go with the opposite and recall one of the best bus trips ever with a high school pal, John O’Hearn while headed back to Boulder. O’Hearn had to go to Denver for some court thing as I remember and I don’t remember the jokes or anything but I remember we laughed lots and lots. And we were never very close while in school but this bus ride was fun.

The Friday Fives

1. Would you rather have the unpredictability of live theatre or the predictability of a movie?
I do enjoy live theater and have become very complacent in having the entertainments just come to me on the glowing big box. I should take more advantage of the live theater in Denver – from the professional to the many university programs and even amateur productions. Last fall we saw an amazing production of the “All That Jazz” down in Castlerock performed by a high school troop that was better than most collegiate programs I have seen. The show was full of satisfying surprises.

2. Do you prefer the symphony and/or opera to a live band or the other way around?
I’ve never seen live opera. I do love a good live bluesy band. Live symphony can be hit or miss.

3. When you go to a museum, where do you head first?
At the Denver Art Museum, I get a lot of satisfaction from the pre-Columbian and Latin American art collection.

4. Would you prefer a pub crawl or a sampling of beer or wine in one restaurant?
Pub crawl. There is something to be said about the satisfaction of some day drinking from place to place to place.

5. When you visit a new place, what is the first thing you like to visit – something recommended by a travel agency/travel book or something recommended by a friend?
I like friend’s advice and ideas from the local alternative newspaper for ideas of where to go and what to do.

The Friday Fives

1. What is one handy spelling tip you were taught that you still use today?

There is “A Rat” in “Separate.”

2. What’s that one thing in the grammar world you’ve never learned to do?

I have trouble understanding where to put double apostrophe’s when they follow a question mark or exclamation mark.

3. You have a gun held to your head and you have to spell a word correctly to save your life, what is one common word that would get you killed?

Weird – It’s weird you asked as I spelled this wrong about three times today.  The rule to remember – “Weird” is spelled weirdly.

4. Which English grammar rule  has helped you the most in your life?

Adding -ly makes and an adverb and adding -ing makes a verb into a gerund noun.

5. Do you recall a grammar rule you were taught in school is not in fact a grammar rule?

Ending a sentance with a preposition. A rule imposed by lazy middle school teachers who don’t trust their young learners with complex sentence structures.  In the words of recognized English language master, Sir Winston Churchill:  “This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.”