Friday Fives

1. Do you like, dislike, or pay no attention to the wind?
I come from a very windy part of the country – northwest colorado, south-central Wyoming. And there is really wind there – always, all the time to the point where you can’t not pay attention to it. As a result on a nice, calm day in Denver with no wind or only a very slight breeze, I take a second to notice it and pay it heed and appreciate the stillness.

2. Do you have allergies or sinus made worse by the wind?
The wind kicks up the pollen which activates the allergies for me – yes. Thus my addiction to Flonase.

3. Have you ever been caught in a big wind (not a hurricane or tornado)?
See above. 30 and 40 mile per hour winds at my mom’s ranch outside Baggs, Wyo was not uncommon.

4. When was the last time you flew a kite?
About four years ago. Before that maybe seven years ago when I flew them quite frequently in a vacant field across the street from my apartment.

5. Would you like to have the power of flight?

The Friday Fives

1. It’s Halloween. Do we even care?

I used to be a huge Halloweener. Costumes, parties, the Boulder Mall crawl. all of it. Now, not so much. Why? I am a grouchy old man, sure – that is part of it. But also because I have a beard – a lovely, dignified, well-maintained beard. Most costumes would involve shaving it off and frankly, in all transparency and admission of vanity, I don’t want to shave it off,

2. What is your worst Halloween memory?

While in Germany in the Army. Europeans just didn’t get the whole thing. It has definitely become an American thing – amassing candy and dressing up – not really something our German friends really understood.

3. What is your best Halloween memory?

I had a great space man costume with a mask and little space suit when I was probably 4 or 5 years old or so and although it was cold (I was probably in the a coat that covered up the costume) although I was in a coat, I remember it as a great Halloween.

4. Do you have a favorite scary/horror movie?

I don’t really watch horror movies. I don’t enjoy them at all. But thrillers – wow – “Silence of the Lambs” is one scary film and one of those cable channel surfing stoppers – when it is found on the tube I stop and watch it no matter how far along in the movie it is.

5. You get to create a song called The 12 Days of Halloween, how does a verse or two go?

On the first day of spook time my candy bag was filled with one pack of red vines.

On the second day of spook time my candy bag was filled with two boxes of yellow lemon heads.

On the third day of spook time, my candy bag was filled with lots of gobstoppers.

One pace of red vines, two boxes of lemon heads, lots of Gobstoppers!

The Friday Fives

1. If you were President of the United States, what would be your top 3 things that you would like to change?

Reverse all things Trump.

Medicare for all

Fill the courts up with liberals.

2. If you had to survive off of one specific type of food, what would it be and why?

Pizza. There are some many things you can put on pizza, it is a great utilitarian food delivery system.

3. If your life were a play, what would it be (tragedy, comedy, drama, etc.

“The Taming of the Shrew!”

4. What community is your favorite and why?

The Shire. I like the doors on their houses.

5. When did you realize you were finally an adult and how did it make you feel?

When I joined the Army and realized there was no one to bail me out of my messes.

The Friday Fives

1. What’s the weirdest rule you had in your home growing up?

Not weird, perhaps, but a firm rule – be home for dinner by 6:30 and come in for the evening when the street lights go on (a mostly summer rule as we tended to run wild through the neighborhood in our small town as kids.)

2. What is a handy appliance in your home as a child that doesn’t appear in homes anymore?

The kitchen telephone on the wall with the 25-foot cord that could reach over most of the kitchen and the dining room.  Also the phonebook.

3. If the world had to return to just 3 television networks again – what shows on today would still be a hit?

Any one of the cop shows – I’ll go with “The FBI”

Any one of the medical shows.  I’ll go with “Chicago Med”

Any one of the reality singing shows. I’ll go with “The Masked Singer.”

4. What behemoth of a Detroit auto was your family car when you were growing up?

We had this huge, huge, huge 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale with a Rocket 455 HP engine.  A literal couch on wheels.   About 9 MPG.

5. What was your go-to childhood snack/drink?

Bagel pizzas with pepperoni that I made in the toaster and grape juice.  Pure after school contentment.

The Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite place?

Growing up as a kid, we used to hang out a lot in the forest north of town on Black Mountain and Freman reservoir. There is a little cut-out area up there a few miles west of the lake that is so pretty and peaceful with lots of wildflowers and Colorado columbines growing and isolated. One of my favorite places.

2. What is your favorite place in your home?

My super comfy, new, adjustable bed. I think I could go full-on Brian Wilson in that thing and just stay in bed for a year and be happy.

3. Would you most want to live in a city, a suburb or the country?

I was raised in a small town and had a lot of country/rural exposure. Except for traffic, I prefer city living.

4. What is special about the town you live in?

Denver, baby. Mountains, plains. Snow, sunshine. It has it all.

5. How much time do you spend in nature?

Not enough. In fact of the last few years nearly none. Shame on me.