The Friday Fives

1. How do you like your eggs cooked?

Basted (a sunny side up egg with just a tad of water tossed in the skillet to steam – cover and ocoks in about 90 seconds. Puffy whites and perfect yolk – easy peasy. )

2. If you could ask Julia Child one question, what would you ask?

What is the best thing to do with bourbon?

3. What is your go-to hangover cure? (Asking for a friend)

Jim makes this THC tincture and just the tiniest of one or two drops on the tongue will make the next day so much better – however if you go bold the next day is terrible as you have that whole body cannabis hangover and can’t get off the couch or out of bed.

4. People that have experienced a Heart Attack, what does it feel like?

I am gonna punt this one and post this retread but this question is a deliberate reminder, gentle reader to take care of yourself in these trying times.

5. What is a food that everyone loves but you absolutely despise?

I am ghetting to the point where I can’t really handle the idea or actual ground beef and there really i s no longer any need for it anymore Impossible and Beyond meat substitutes. In fact those two companies will probably have ground pork and turkey perfected very soon.

The Friday Fives

1. What’s your “I can’t believe they got away with this in a kid show” moment?

I will go with the subversive Nickelodeon show from the ’90s – the adventures of Pete and Pete.

2. What’s the darkest secret you found out about a family member/ relative?
Well, I do have a cousin going to trial next month for murdering his wife – there will be dark secrets coming out of that mess.

3. Headphones or earbuds, which do you prefer and why?
I have a wicked pair fo In Ear Monitors (IEMs) which are turbocharged – the sound is phenomenol and I use a cool little bluetooth adapter and rock right out. i do use headphones for listening to evening television on the Roku so as not to wake folks up.

4. What are your current go-to lazy meals?
One can tuna steaks from Costco; a few dollops of chipotle “Bitchin’ Sauce” from Costco. Open tuna, drain, toss in the sauce and enjoy – so so good.

5. Who’s your favorite comedian?
All time – Carlin. Lately – Seth Meyers.

The Friday Fives

List those five things we assume Donald Trump can do in his retirement?

  1. Golf, sure but I see this as kind of a Bluth family affair on Arrested Development – the Trumps find themselves broke so they are forced to open a nationwide miniature golf franchise to try and stay afloat.
  2. Perhaps he can become an angler – going off each morning to soak his bare feet in the pier at Mar – A – Lago , wearing overalls and straw hat – casting a reel.
  3. He will spend most of his time in courtrooms answering bankruptcy judges questions on where all the money went – sweating and yelling and getting fined over and over again for his courtroom behavior.
  4. Back to gold – make it more Bluth-like – may Frisbee gold courses or Ultimate – something that his fat ass would never be able to attempt without breaking a hip or knee.
  5. And of course, his fat ass can just go off to jail.

The Friday Fives

1. What are you missing?
Brunch and hanging out with my peeps. Virtual life is no bueno

2. How do you feel?
Peppy. It is Friday; I slept like an angel.

3. What have you let go?
Losing my temper. There is no real place in my life for anger towards others or circumstances.

4. Who have you hurt?
I am unsure. I tend to be obtuse about these things but I don’t think I left a lot of destruction in my path -if I have hurt you, let me know.

5. What do you deserve?
A whole helluva lot more money.

The Friday Fives

1. What won’t you miss of 2020?
The safer at home – shelting in place. i get it. This virus is ugly and mean and deadly but I am so bored – the fun of zoom calls is over. The joy of binging on the latest is now ho hum. I have read more in these last nine months than I did as a lit. major in college. Let’s get back to weekend brunches and find that elusive second place.

2. What will you be eagerly anticipating
The eviction of Trump and eradication of this virus.

3. Are you gonna get vaccinated?
Absolutely. Right now if I could. In Summit County they are doing drive through vaccinations – that is what I’m talking about!

4. Anyone you know really affected by this Damn virus!
Yes, a dear friend, a couple of coworkers, a former college professor have all had it – on f my direct reportss at work had it twice and another took his own life as a result of lonliness during the quarantine. Let’s end this thin.

5. Worst thing of 2020? Best thing of 2021 so far.
2020: The Trump Virus and his ugly Q-anon supporters. 2020: This yummy breakfas danish some one brought in.

Friday Fives

Merry Christmas May the End of 2020 come soon!

No questions this week.

  1. Sit back – try to enjoy the holiday.
  2. Do something nice for someone else.
  3. Sing a song while in the shower.
  4. Take a walk – especially if it is snowing.
  5. Call your people – family, friends (no texts, a hello phone call. )