The Friday Fives

1. In an era of technology, what old-fashioned way of doing things do you refuse to give up?

Don’t know if it is a refuse to give up issue as much as a return to old-fashioned return but I am tough on watches and have ruined/broken/worn out about three smart watches (Motorola and two Fossils.) Recently I have returned to my analog Casio wristwatch – this thing is basically indestructible.

2. What is a good documentary that is not about serial killers?

I recently watched Grey Gardens (I think it is on Amazon) It is about a mother daughter eccentrics living in a run down mansion in the 70s – they are Bouvier’s and relatives of Jacki O. It is fascinating – you just stare and gape as the camera rolls.

3. What’s a song that makes your ears bleed?

I recently got into a bit of a social media kerfuffle when I declared my distaste for “The Doors.” I need not hear any more Doors music. I heard it all up to my ear holes between years living in dorms in college and the army and doing morning radio in college. I will leave the Doors for others to enjoy.

4. What is something that is always worth having in your medicine cabinet?

Nitroglycerine pills. I don’t need them much any more but when the angina hits you will want that shit close by.

5. What do you put in your salads, and what dressing do you use?

Bag of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and either Bleu Cheese or Caesar dressing.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I still love to listen to records, albeit I have the record player attached to my computer sound system so I can digitize it while listening. But I have all these old records from my father after he passed. Perry Como is the bomb!

    2) I am a sucker for a good music documentary. One of the best is a series on Dr. Dre called The Defiant Ones (2017).

    3) Not a JLo fan, so pretty much all of her music is ear-bleeding material.

    4) Floss.

    5) I love my salads and I am a kitchen sink kinda salad maker. So all sorts of leafy stuff and veggie stuff and crunchy stuff. I like a nice shitake balsamic.

  2. In an era of technology, what old-fashioned way of doing things do you refuse to give up?

    Notes. Stuff on paper. I am not a terrible organized person. I have great calendar apps on my phone, which I use. But let’s say I have an appt today at 3pm, and that is in my phone. At best, a tiny icon shows up at the top of my phone. I need blinking and vibrating flashing lights. So, lots of post its and notes and lists… on paper.

    oh, and a watch. Not an apple watch, or a smart watch… a … um… whaddyacallit… a ‘watch watch’

    What is a good documentary that is not about serial killers?

    The Lady and the Dale. It’s on HBO max, and its incredible. It’s about this guy in the 70s, who was very soon after a lady, invents a brilliant 3 wheeled car. It’s a genius idea at the time, for handling and engine size and efficiency. Everyone is on board. And things go wrong. Don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t say more. Here is the trailer. It’s so compelling that I dare say its worth getting Max. And if you do, and you love documentaries and fraud and scandals… also be SURE to watch the Max doc called ‘McMIllions’, about the McDonalds Monopoly promotion scandal. Its really, really good tv.

    Sadly, and strangely… I am still unemployed after too many months. So… i know good tv. It’s my only escape from spending 8 hours a day looking for good jobs and not getting them. Note to self, AND readers – if you find yourself looking for work, absolutely avoid at ALL costs diddling the 7 year old boy of a Federal Judge. You won’t believe the reach they have. I mean… um… that’s what I’d say if I had done that. For now, though… its just an indictment and that ain’t a conviction. Trump taught me that.

    What’s a song that makes your ears bleed?

    The two songs on the Police’s Synchronicity that weren’t written by Sting. That album is a fucking masterpiece, track by track. It could almost be renamed ‘the Police’s Greatest Hits’. Until you get to the other two songs… ‘Mother’, and ‘Mrs Gradenko’. Mother, being the worst.

    What is something that is always worth having in your medicine cabinet?

    Q Tips. I use about 6 each shower… 3 per ear. Oh, and I use them exclusively to clean and dry my ears. Know what’s fun? Apparently, you can do anything in the world with Q-Tips…. Except put them in your ears. I have zero use for them outside of my ears. I truly and genuinely don’t know what they are actually for. Having a wife, though, I think they are used for makeup removal? Or… application? Who am I kidding? Like I pay attention to her beauty routine.

    What do you put in your salads, and what dressing do you use?

    I like crunch. Sunflower seeds, Pepitas, Croutons, dried urine cakes … I like a salad with crunch. As to dressing? Of course a good italian. Ideally, a ranch. But I am VERY picky about ranch dressing. I certainly don’t care at ALL for the actual brand name ‘Hidden Valley Ranch’. No no no. I like that watery and bright white stuff you get at Village Inn or Buffalo Wing joints. I’ve never had a good ranch from a bottle or a little squeeze packet. No, it should come from a vat, and be more liquid than solid. I call myself (a Gen Ex’er) the ranch generation. I can tell if I will like a ranch just by looking at it. If there is ANY yellow in sight? No good.

    Sorry, we were talking about salads. I don’t like much of that earthy healthy stuff. As a straight white male of the 80s… I want iceberg lettuce. Yes, I know it has zero anything good about it… like everything else we were fed > wonder bread, miracle whip, margarine… but its great. And margarine… what is that? Don’t use it, EVER, for ANYTHING. Use it,maybe, to build an arsenal of cheap Tupperware. Those old Country Crock tubs of death goo made top notch college Tupperware.

  3. 1) I am an analog watch guy. I tried a smart watch but after 2 days didn’t like it and went back to an analog. I recently got a nice one and I love it.

    2) I recently watched “The Unknowns” it’s a great documentary about those that guard the tomb of the unknown soldier. Really good.

    3) Anything by Bad Bunny, they all seem the same and are so overplayed that it makes me nauseous every time it comes on.

    4) Benadryl, allergic reactions are no joke and can be life threatening.

    5) Bag of your choice if greens, sunflower seeds, bacon bits, little grape tomatoes, some shredded cheese and ranch. Or the other I love is greens, sunflower seeds, chicken chunks, cut up honey crisp apple and a shittake vinaigrette.

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