Friday Fives

1. What is your best random advice?
Use rubber bands from the grocery store produce section to match up and band your socks before you put them in the washer. They will come out of the dryer matched up and ready to fold.

2. What random song comes up on your music player?
“Chan Chan” from the Buena Vista Social Club

3. What is the first thing that comes up when you enter your birthday in a google search bar? 47 BC – Julius Caesar visits Tarsus on his way to Pontus, where he meets enthusiastic support, but where, according to Cicero, Cassius is planning to kill him at this point.

4. Paste your “Safe For Work” from here:
A pretty boring blog post from 2007:

5. And to reaffirm the Internet’s weirdness, where does this take you?
Acttually kind of entertaining – an the internet is nothing but cat pictures:

Friday Fives

1. If you owned an ice-cream truck, what tune would it play?
The ice cream truck – that insidious tune that worms into your mind and penetrates your senses – tempting you to consume the fat calories in an attempt to obey the orders hidden in that playful tune.
To replace, I would pick some sort of death metal demonic shout to keep us all away. I didn’t say this was a sound business deal.

2. What should your theme song for your sitcom be?
“Pure Imagination” sung by Gene Wilder

3. What should be playing overhead in the theater?
I like theaters that play a simple classical music soundtrack. This is probably because as a youth, we only had one theater and that is what they played. It is reassuring.

4. What is a song that gives you the chills because its so good/beautiful?
“Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber:

5. What song lyric can you always be counted on singing, word for word?
I truly suck at remembering song lyrics, but to answer it is probably a Christmas tune. I dig Christmas music. Is it too early to start playing them?

Friday Fives


1. When they say there are no dumb questions, how do you challenge that fundamental assumption?
I point to a Matt Lauer interview and bam – dumb questions abound.

2. What is your best “Adulting like a player” move?
Prepaying auto insurance in one big payment. Done and done and often cheaper rates

3. What is something under $50.00 that makes your life better?
My corded handset I use with my cell phone. I bought it as a joke but I use it all the time when talking on my phone.

4. What was okay 40 years ago but not okay now?
Slappin’ a gal on the ass in the office. Them dames’ ain’t gonna put with that these days.

5. What is your most unusual life hack?
I buy green coffee beans in bulk, usually 16 or 20 pounds at a time and then roast them myself – just enough for the week.

Friday Fives

Today is a music theme, provided by Mr. Lang. List five cover songs better than original. Provide a link to audio and video when possible.

1. Mama Told Me Not To Come by Three Dog Night (originally by Randy Newman)

2. You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Crocker (originally by Randy Newman)

3. Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen (originally by Tom Waits)

4. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart by JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound (Originally by Wilco)

5. I Put A Spell On You by Pete Townsend (originally by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins)

Friday Fives


1. What is the stupidest thing you did as a kid to try and look cooler?
I really should scan this in and load it up for viewing. As a young teen, to stay in pace with the coool kids I had a perm in my hair and actually wore a curly perm to the prom.

2. What is your opinion on swearing?
I am pro swearing in the right circumstance. I don’t curse to shock but curse to communicate. I don’t swear around my mother because she doesn’t curse. At work, in my office behind closed doors I tend to curse like the Army guy I once was. But out on the floor among the masses I work clean. In college while doing improv comedy, we had a rule to work clean because it forced us to be more clever rather than getting easy laughs with a bunch of dirty words.

3. What’s something you’ve been searching for years but had no luck in finding it?
Nabisco used to have these super yummy cookies – Heyday bars. They were chocolate, caramel and nutty wonderments and then pulled from the shelves. For a while they were original regionally but I think they are gone.

4. You’re now a serial killer. What’s your weapon of choice, and what will you be known for?
I really should leave this to Julie to answer as she is the pro. But I was reading this week about the use of poisonings to kill off Russian dissidents and maybe I can take to potions to bring down my enemies.

5. Add ‘ING’ to the end of a movie title, what’s it about now?
“The Standing” based loosely on Stephen Kings novel – Trump supporter are forced to stand all the time waiting for the election and the construction of their precious wall. They will only be allowed to sit down when the wall is built by Mexico and all immigration comes to stop. (spoiler – these folks ain’t never going to sit down again!).