Friday Fives


1. What is the stupidest thing you did as a kid to try and look cooler?
I really should scan this in and load it up for viewing. As a young teen, to stay in pace with the coool kids I had a perm in my hair and actually wore a curly perm to the prom.

2. What is your opinion on swearing?
I am pro swearing in the right circumstance. I don’t curse to shock but curse to communicate. I don’t swear around my mother because she doesn’t curse. At work, in my office behind closed doors I tend to curse like the Army guy I once was. But out on the floor among the masses I work clean. In college while doing improv comedy, we had a rule to work clean because it forced us to be more clever rather than getting easy laughs with a bunch of dirty words.

3. What’s something you’ve been searching for years but had no luck in finding it?
Nabisco used to have these super yummy cookies – Heyday bars. They were chocolate, caramel and nutty wonderments and then pulled from the shelves. For a while they were original regionally but I think they are gone.

4. You’re now a serial killer. What’s your weapon of choice, and what will you be known for?
I really should leave this to Julie to answer as she is the pro. But I was reading this week about the use of poisonings to kill off Russian dissidents and maybe I can take to potions to bring down my enemies.

5. Add ‘ING’ to the end of a movie title, what’s it about now?
“The Standing” based loosely on Stephen Kings novel – Trump supporter are forced to stand all the time waiting for the election and the construction of their precious wall. They will only be allowed to sit down when the wall is built by Mexico and all immigration comes to stop. (spoiler – these folks ain’t never going to sit down again!).

Friday Fives


1. What movie actually makes you laugh all the way through?
I am a fan on Lebowski and watch it about once a year and always giggle.

2. What is your favorite movie scene?
I like the piano scene in Casablanca when Elsa comes to see Rick at the cafe. It is a classic.

3. What will be movie classics in 20 years time?
“Spy” starring Melissa McCarthy – that film is pure genius. But seriously, probably not the Star Wars or the Star Trek reboots. Maybe the original “The Matrix.”

4. What do you believe is the best acted TV role?
Hugh Laurie on “House,MD” Great show – catch it on Netflix, you won’t be sorry.

5. Are you one of those types that can quote movie lines? What’s your favorite quote?
I can’t remember quotes word for word and always get them wrong. Favorite quote is probably something from a Cohen brothers film, like Fargo.

Friday Fives

'Don't worry about my little aches & pains... the important thing is for YOU to be happy!' ~ one of reincarnation's fun little twists.

‘Don’t worry about my little aches & pains… the important thing is for YOU to be happy!’ ~ one of reincarnation’s fun little twists.

1.Do you believe in reincarnation?
Not really. I believe in science and science has no data on an afterlife. Now, it fun playing the what were you/what will you become game with famous people. Take Donald Trump for example – he will be reincarnated as a sickly elephant.

2.Have you ever felt that you knew someone the first time you met them?
Yes, I have. I tend to pick good friends and most of them were BFFs at first sight.

3.Have you ever visited a foreign country or city for the first time and found that you knew exactly where things were?
While living in Germany I was usually hopelessly lost. In my home and in the Western US we tend to have streets laid out in a grid – Europe is old and streets make no sense.

4.Have you ever looked in the mirror and ‘seen’ a different face?
Yes. I see my father It is spooky.

5.Is the belief in UFOs, aliens, physic powers, etc, growing because the belief in religion is dying?
It is growing because there is a growing lack of belief in science and facts rather than a lack of religious faith.

Friday Fives

roaring-twenties-title-still-624x4681. Have you found anything at your parent’s house that has disturbed you?
I knew where my dad kept his stacks of Playboys and Penthouse magazines but that wasn’t really disturbing for a 12 year old tween. I caught them making whoopie once. I stormed into their bedroom and they were on the bed. Thankfully I never really saw anything and the next day there was a lock on the door.

2. What should every teenager know before they hit their 20s?
How to buy a home and manage a banking account. And how to make a good breakfast.

3. What is something a 40 year old should have already learned?
How to buy a home and manage a banking account. And how to make a proper gin and tonic.

4. What’s the most stereotypical thing about you?
I am clumsy left hander and a text book Gemini.

5. What is a job most people would be surprised exists?
Seafaring telegraphers using morse code to communicate at sea. (Very few still remain employed.)

Friday Fives

1. What was your “why didn’t I start doing this sooner” moment?
Using a credit card. For years and years I was a cash only kind of guy and didn’t trust myself but in the last couple of years I have been using a CC for small purchases and to ease monthly cash flow and juggle billing due dates. It has helped a lot and my credit score has soured and I keep the balances quite low.

2. What is something you do that you’ve always wondered if others do it too?
Hmmm. What is a Roy Lifehack? I use Evernote for everything. I store a pdf of all my manuals there. I store lots of recipes there. I have most of my personal records, encrypted and loaded there. I couldn’t live without it.

3. What word can you never type correctly on the first try?
“The” It usually comes out as “Teh” on the first try.

4. What’s your favorite quote that changed the way you face life?
Play it fuckin’ loud!” ? Bob Dylan

5. What are you obsessed with right now?
I am trying to learn to code and program and I am obsessed with it and doing things on the command line. It is eating up a lot of my time.