Friday Fives

1. What is something you carry every day, but almost never use?
I keep a big old hunting knife/machete in my glove box.

2. What is a book you always keep around but have never got around to watching?
“Midnight’s Children” by Salman Rushdie How you vex me, Sal!

3. What is a movie that you have a copy of but have never fully watched it?
Dark Knight Rises. I have seen the film but not even opened the blu-ray. I really shoulda oughta.

4. What is something you consistently pay for but never really use?
I have some computer backup service that I don’t think I have ever turned on and backed up. I bought it hears ago at an introductory “lifetime” access price and its access sits somewhere in my email

5. What is a piece of clothing you own but never wear?
I have this old pair of boots (suede “desert” army boots) that a lot of my friends just hate (apparently they are quite ugly) but I just can’t part with them.

Friday Fives

On Jeopardy, they call this category “Pot Pourri”:

1. What mistake have you made that the rest of us can learn from?
Never volunteer to go down into the mine shaft alone -trust me on this. I swore I would never speak of it again, but . . .

2. What was your high school’s biggest scandal?
As I recall (and I am certain I have most of the details wrong in my head so I can’t get into specifics), there was no real scandal per se. The school district was struggling due to the town’s boomtown conditions during the coal boom of the late 70’s, early 80’s and the traditional families were irate with all the changes. There was a student/parent uprising that ended up with the firing of a principal and a few teachers. After I graduated, there were all sorts of teacher scandals and principal scandals.

3. What’s the worst part about being your gender that the opposite sex might not even think about?
It is quite difficult to pee in a urinal while wearing flip flops and not get “spillage” on your toes.

4. What movies NEED to be watched twice to understand fully?
The Big Lebowski. It usually doesn’t take until about the third viewing to understand the very nuanced jokes.

5. What is absolutely never coming back in style again?
Hoop skirts.

Friday Fives

Stop, Hey what’s that Soundtrack:

1. What film had an amazing soundtrack… but one wasn’t released (or went too far under the radar)
Joe Jackson’s Soundtrack to “Mike’s Murder.” I don’t think the movie ever came out but he released the soundtrack anyway.

2. What film was more (amazing) soundtrack than (excellent) film? Almost as if the movie was just a cover to release the soundtrack.Best contribution to a soundtrack
“Streets of Fire.” Just an okay film but great soundtrack featuring Southside Johnny and The Asbury Dukes.

3. What movie soundtrack is the ‘soundtrack of your life’
The Big Lebowski. It’s got all my hits.

4. If you could build a soundtrack to a film that isn’t known for one… what would it be (the movie) and what are those tracks?
Wow, tuff as in my era the soundtrack is so intrinsically tied to the film. Gonna pass a bit on this.

5. In total, what film had the best soundtrack?
Star Wars A New Hope – excellent and appropriate all the way through. Runner Up, “Heavy Metal.”

Friday Fives

1. What’s a casual saying that got so popular because it was said in a movie?
The first thing that comes to mind is from Schwarzenegger – “Asta La Vista, Baby

2. What movie should never have been made?
Pirates of the Carribean number 4 and 5. No one needs more movies based on an amusement park ride.

3. What book/play should be made into a movie?
It would be interesting to see someone try to make “The Sellout” into a film. It won the Booker prize last year and is quite offensive, profane and has more than a bit of some racially biting satire.

4. What movie utilized a song to its fullest potential?
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

5. If you were a Gotham villain, how would you piss off Batman?
The scab picker terrifies the city with his pickin’s and Batman must stop him with “Bat Bandages.”

Friday Fives


Birthday Blues

1. What is your earliest birthday memories?
I remember one from around my fourth year at my grandmother’s house in Craig over on Stout Street. I remember the cake and opening presents and a room of people. I don’t recall any gifts I received.

2. What was your favorite birthday memory?
I think I was nine or ten when my parents bought me a bike, that was pretty special. And although it wasn’t on my birthday proper, when I turned 50 I went to the Kentucky Derby in Louisville and that was pretty great.

3. What was your worst birthday memory?
Not certain. I guess the first one away from home while I was in the army. I was in training, just out of boot camp when I turned 21. In order to get a weekend pass, I had to do something like 100 push ups and sits ups and run some sprints. I was exhausted. I celebrated in the lounge of a local Holiday Inn in Columbia, South Carolina.

4. Have you ever done something unique for someone’s birthday?
We threw my father a pretty great birthday for his 50th. I have never really planned a surprise birthday party or anything like that.

5. Have you lied about your age?
Today is the 16th anniversary of my 37th birthday – does a ruse like that count? Otherwise, no, I am not too caught up in hiding my age.