The Friday Fives

First apologies: I was traveling back from Greenville, NC, all day on Friday and literally forgot about posting the Fives.

1. What memory from your childhood always brings a smile to your face when you think about it?

Riding the passenger train from Craig to Hayden to see my grand parents back in the day when that line was running.

2. What was a sad moment from your child that pulled you into real life?

Death of my grand father and going to the funeral when I was five years old.

3. What will you never buy cheap?

Coffee. Don’t but the cheap stuff. Live is short. And shoes

4. What do you usually buy the cheapest version of?

Most generic or store brands of basic kitchen pantry staples (canned tommatoes, peanut butter, baking goods. )

5. What’s your favorite childhood TV show or cartoon?

I was a pretty huge fan of “Jonny Quest” but watchng old episodes on YouTube – wow, show did not hold up.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Climbing Red Rocks. We lived with it across the creek and it was our playground as kids.

    2) My parents divorce. It was the first time being told something of that magnitude that I felt like I was out of my body.

    3) having grown up with a very cheap father who wouldn’t buy anything quality for us kids, I tend to buy quality on most things now. But when it comes to outdoor gear and equipment I do not scrimp.

    4) I would agree with Roy, food staples that are generally ingredients in recipes I buy generic.

    5) There wasn’t one particular one, but I lived for the Saturday morning lineup and how it changed every year and they had primetime show premiering the lineup. So great.

  2. 1) Riding crappy BMX bikes hundreds of miles in a weekend and not feeling like a crippled broken person on Monday.

    2) Getting a letter while at camp that we had moved and I no longer lived in Michigan. Never got to say good bye to friends.

    3) Shoes and bed, you are in either one most of the day and if either is bad it can ruin the rest of the day. I also never scrimp on eyewear. You only get one set of eyes and there are no replacements.

    4) Hmmm food staples. Spices, etc.

    5) Big dan growing up of the pseudo cop shows. Knight Rider, Airwolf…

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