Friday Fives

  1. Which celebrity would you not be surprised to discover is a serial killer?

Nicholas Cage. There has been something just a little off about him. Although Tom Cruise came to mind as well. A cultist celeb-hero turned serial killer would be a great movie premise.

2. What’s a song you discovered through a movie?

“What a Wonderful World” from “Finding Forester

3. What’s a movie that made you shit yourself as a kid ?

The Childcatcher scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That dude was creepy as hell.

4. What celebrity death hit you the hardest?

We were just talking about this at the office this week – Tom Petty’s death was a rough one. So senseless

5. Who is a fictional character that you hate with a burning passion? Why?

Kurtwood Smith as the father in Dead Poet’s Society.

The Friday Fives

1. Hello you beautiful fucking thing, how are you this fine day?

Tremendous. I have two doses of Moderna in my arm, the sid effects have passed. I have a job I like and it is spring outside what glorious Rocky Mountain weather.

2. What is the scariest/creepiest thing that happened to you as a kid/teen?

In our 4th/5th elementary school building there was this creepy, dangerous catwalk that ran behind the gym walls and stage that was part of the gym. We would sneak in there, before school or at lunch or sometimes after school to explore – we usually got caught and it was always scary when we did and especially when we got caught.

3. If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

Caution very ticklish. Really, really ticklish, followed by lots of giggles.

4. What makes you say “ah shit… here we go again” whenever it happens?

The traffic – it’s back. Like most folks, I was homebound for the pandemic starting in March, 2020. But I starting driving into the office in November – something that probably saved my sanity as I need people and interaction . And over the the last three or four weeks, the traffic density has been growing to the point that the northbound commute from Arapahoe road in Centennial is nearly at pre-COVID19 levels – so many cars. Folks have come out of hibernation.

5. What traits from your parents have you seen in yourself?

I have my dad’s mannerisms in the way I stand, smile, sit and use my hands. It is almost creepy.

The Friday Fives

1. Do you like the thrill of a chase?
Well, yeah – who doesn’t!
(So sure the chase – I recently binged “The People vs OJ Simpson.(Yes, I know a bit late to the game. ) This was a very well-done mini-series. I remember watching the chase while working as a newspaper reporter at “The Colorado Statesman and then at home – I distinctly remember that entire weekend as I had to travel from Denver to GrandJuction that evening after work to attend a birthday party for my grandma – maybe her 0th? I don’t remember that part. Anyway, the chase consumed me.)

2. What winds you up?
Too much caffeine – usually coffee in the am and then iced tea in the afternoon.
(Later on, while working at the paper, our office shared in our capitol hill building the offices of a television transcription service – Journal Graphics. They worked with CNN and provided transcriptions to the news channel’s programming. They were furiously transcribing all facets of the trial itself and all of the tertiary coverage. It was fascinating talking with the transcribers as they provided insight theories and observations from the trial.)

3. Are you a loud talker?
Yes, especially if I have had a few cocktails poured into me.
(But really, watch the Netflix run of TPVOJS and you really should come away with the belief that OJ was sooooo guilty.)

4. What comes easy to you?
Talking to strangers and talking in front of people,

(And he was pretty fucked up – a fantastic ego-driven personality unwilling to look forward at his life and circumstances and so able to ignore his own actions and create his own new reality. )

5. What did you dream about recently?
Some sort of work dream and counting out time cards for use in the time clock (we don’t use time cards. )
(But now, looking at it, OJ is in jail, Jeffrey Toobin, who wrote the book that the series was based upon is in the media doghouse for jacking off during a pretty public Zoom call. We have Matt Gaetz proposing lots of ego-driven reality recreations related to his sex scandal and it is as if we the audience and the media never learns from our mistakes on giving credence to the scandals and instead, maybe we should learn to just walk away.)

The Friday Fives

1. What’s your go-to “comfort movie?”

Finding Forester A Gus Van Zandt movie with Sean Connery – always makes me cry a little bit.

(Really though, can we talk about this big ship stuck in the Suez Canal – a huge tanker ran aground and now is affecting the global economy!)

2. What’s your go-to “comfort food?”

Macaroni and cheese – either that or a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. (Growing up we always called them toasted cheese sandwiches).

(So this ship got stuck due to some huge desert wind storm on the Egyptian side of the canal and is now perpendicular to the walls of the canal and no ships can get through – I am consumed with this thing.)

3. What’s your go-to “outfit?”

Clothes for me are a uniform – jeans, t shirt, maybe a a long sleeved thermal under the Tee. That’s comfort.

(You see, the way these canals work is there is a pilot who takes charges and actually has the command/helm of the boat as it floats through. These pilots make hundreds and hundreds of runs the through the canal each year – it was always doubtful that this was pilot error. )

4. What song are you currently obsessed with and just can’t stop listening?

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. He was nearly death so his symphonies were written to be performed very loudly – take Beethoven symphony and play it loud with some headphones -it will rock your ears.

(So no, they are employing lots and lots of bulldozers and front-end loaders to widen the canal while at the same time using a whole bunch of tug boats in an attempt to dislodge this thing. It ways over 19079 gross tons and is too big to go through the Panama Canal. – this is a big boat.)

5. What’s something that isn’t therapy but feels like it?

Taking really long hot shower with your eyes closed – try it for about 5 minutes.

(But really this is a big boat. A cadre and Japanese and Dutch engineers, from countries with lots of canals and locks, have been sent to the Suez. The latest plan is to empty off the cargo in an attempt to re-float it – this could take several weeks. It is like watching paint dry but i am refreshing this page all day long looking for any progress. )

Friday Fives

1. What is the WORST song lyric of all time?
“Simply having a wnderful Christmastime.

2.What is the BEST song lyric of all time?
Got a wife and kid in Baltimore, Jack. Went out for a ride and never came back.

3.What sounds are “music to your ears”?
The sound of a champagne cork popping.

4.What is your favorite Tom Petty Song?
American Girl

5.What are the some of the best live music performances on YouTube?
There is this great version of The Weight with Robbie Robertson and muscians from around the world that I will pull up and watch sometimes. Great performances.

The Friday Fives

1. It is been a year since the quarantine lockdown. How did you do?

Well, I didn’t get sick – that was a bonus – even after going into the office for four months. So I give myself a Covid grade of “A”

2. What was the best thing about being at home all the time?

Finding some really good TV. And perfected another original cocktail –

Earl and bubbles

2 oz. Gin

1 oz of Earl Grey tea concentrate (steep about 7 or 8 teaspoons of loose Earl Grey tea in hot water for about 5 or 10 minutes to make it really really strong – an ouonce here is a guess, maybe just a bit less – this is a strong flavorful concentrate.)

Raspberry ICE soda



Stir and enjoy.

3. What was the worst thing about being at home all the time?

I do not do well working from home. I procrastinate and go into a deep depression. I need to be around people to keep my energy and moods up.

4. What/where are you going to go/do first when this thing is all over?

Probably something, like head off to Fruita/Mack, CO to visit my mom an’em

5. What’s next

April 9, 4:15 – Moderna shot number #2. Bring on the vaccine!