The Friday Fives

1. Last party you went to?

Not sure I would call it a party, but it was a “celebration of life” for a dear friend and family, just last night and I have a dinner party on the books for tonight – look at me getting all social out there.

2. How can a kid become like you when they grow up?

Lot’s of innocent accidents and grandma who was the very definiation of patience and virtue. And a great, fairly normal family life as a child didn’t hurt.

3. What’s changed in the world that you’ve had a hard time keeping up with?

I quit keeping up with Top 40 music and music trends about 15 years ago and now just default to alternative indie stuff if I am searching fro new music to groove too. I can’t keep up with or understand the new modern country music at all.

4. What safeguards do you use to avoi
d mistakes?

A once over on an email or document, reading it outl loud if it is complicated – before sending, submitting. Also Grammarly is pretty great.

5. What’s your favorite game?

Card game: Pinochle. Board game: Risk. (I never played or at least finished/enjoyed Risk as a kid. But in the army, my roommate was a bit of a savant and taught me the real ins and outs of the game and as such it rocks. Table top game: There is still a soft spot in my heard for Dungeons and Dragons that I played in high school, college and in the army – many many hours of my life slaying orcs, demons and dragons.

The Friday Fives

1. What warning belongs on your forehead?

Warning – extremely clumsy and apt to say the wrong thing outloud.

2. What years of your life were your greatest?

25-years old – to 35-yers old were pretty great. Just out of college and army and making a life with lots of friends. Friends I still have today.

3. Where would you live if money wasn’t an issue and why?

Luxembourg. Why not a little French, a little Dutch, a little Belgian – it has it all.

4. At what age did you move out?

18 off to college. Back at 20 for a bit then off to the army. At 23 home from the army and off to college again then home at 26 then back out on my own off to Denver at 30. I guess officially at 26 as I no longer used my parents home as home base for safe landings.

5. If you could say one thing that the whole world could hear, what would it be?

Be nice and empathetic – you have no idea what others have gone through.

The Friday Fives

1. It’s a Saturday in June, 1998. What are you doing?

Probably at work at Ryder TRS customer service call center as I working there at the time and always seemed to work Saturdays.

2. The top box office motion picture on the day you were born is how the rest of year goes – so how goes it.?

The Sting – sure, I am always feeling a little bit like I am getting away with something.

3. The number one billboard hit when you graduated high school foretold you future life – how did that go?

Ebony and Ivory. Hmm trying to craft that into a metaphor for my life. I guess it is an indicator that I am a Gemini and there are two sides of me? Sure, I will go with that, why not.

4. What did you parents always do when you were a child that you really appreciate now.

My mother always did my laundry.

5. What did Florida man do on your birthday?

Man throws baby at police while fleeing in stolen car. Sounds like a Coen brothers movie.

The Friday Fives

A potpourri:

1. You are now a professor at Supervillain University. What course do you teach?

The easy answer is the demonic laugh but I think I would teach landscape architecture for the construction of the villain lair.

2. What’s the worst attempt at a foreign accent you’ve ever seen in a movie?

Kevin Costner in Robinhood and perhaps Peter Sellars in The Pink Panther.

3. If you could name a pub on the moon, how would you name it?

The Sattelite Lounge and Lunar Brew House.

4.If you had to go for a week with no internet, how would you spend your time?

I’ve got a solid bit of books, magazines, movies and graphic novels on my Kindle or my laptop. I could make it for a week without the web

5. If you could bring back a TV show for one more season, which would it be?

Lodge 49, from AMC. The two seasons it did air are on Hulu and I highly recommend.

Friday Fotos

Please place your caption in the comments.

Please place your caption in the comments.

Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite band?
Tough to single out. Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s the E Street Band, sometimes it’s Wilco, sometimes the Miles Davis sextet.

2. What band do you simply just despise?
I am kind of done with Van Halen and I never really cared for The Doors.

3. What’s the worst band name?
I have always cringed at the name Skinny Puppy for a band and I can’t explain why.

4. The last three activities/tasks you performed will make up the name of your band – what is your band name?
Drive home, send an email, chat with the team.

I am going with “Chatting While Driving.”

5. What’s jamming in the car? Radio? Music player? music, podcast, audio book, talk radio?
On the way to work, a podcast/talk radio show “The Stephanie Miller Show. On the way home usually music, something off SiriusXM as the mood hits me.