Friday Fives

1. When is re-gifting acceptable and is there an occasion when it’s inappropriate to re-gift?

I don’t think I ever have re-gifted and a perhaps related story that isn’t re-gifting but along the same lines. My grandmother send us re-used Christmas cards on a number of occasions, and from what we surmised it was accidental, not some kind of joke as she didn’t have that kind of sense of humor. And I as I recall there were at least two times that sent a card that originally was sent to her by my mother from Christmases past.

2. What is your favorite Christmas song?

“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” -as performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It gives me goose bumps.

3. Is there a favorite family Christmas/holiday treat?

My mom makes this Jello candy that is reminiscent of gummy bears or gumdrops and quite addictive.

4. At what age would you find it weird that a person still believes in Santa?

Anything past 14 years old. If there were, say, a 50-year-old still believing in Santa, he would be fit to be committed – either that or he probably is Santa and it is all a ruse to through us off the scent.

5. What did you buy yourself for Christmas?

Haven’t bought them yet but in the next few days – new tires for the mighty, mighty Trogg The Tucson.

3 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Regifting is acceptable as long as it is within family to extended friend circle or vice versa. Why do people still gift candles…like, ever.

    2) I kind of have a sweet spot for the Mannheim Christmas album in total. Brings back my winter memories in Gunnison in the early 80s.

    3) The peppermint taffy with little christmas tree designs in them, and the ‘nog.

    4) Frankly, Roy is an old curmudgeon. Beliefs are not facts or even real (take…um…organized religion for example). Believing in something like Santa is eternal. and fills my soul with good tidings. We will forever channel Santa to our kids (even as the “age” out) and we will receive gifts from Santa (whoever is channeling him) in his spirit, forever more, Amen. Friggin’ Roy, killing my Christmas buzz.

    5) Oooooo, I got me two new struts, two new axles, some new sway bars, spark plugs and coils and and some new transmission fluid…I splurged on myself to the tune of $3000. I am so spoiled.

  2. 1] Regifting is fine unless you’re regifting it to the person who gave it to you.

    2) Silent Night. I always envision a gentle snow falling muffling the ambient noise.

    3) I love peppermint bark.

    4) Believe as long as one wants. Don’t judge those that don’t. It’s harmless and can be a coping mechanism.

    5) I went crazy and rented myself a new house in Orlando!

  3. 1. Absolutely fine. I have a box in my storage room full of well-intentioned gifts that are ready to be re-gifted at a moment’s notice.

    2. Christmas music is mindless noise. My favorite holiday sound is around December 27, when that shitty noise goes away for another 11 months.

    3. Biscochitos are a family tradition. Sadly, my mom doesn’t bake any more. As the one person who knows where the recipe lives, I’d best get a copy on my next visit.

    4. I was told that he wasn’t real when I was four. (And people wonder why I’m not that fond of my sister.)

    5. My lone gift to myself was two pairs of eyeglasses. They are currently lost in the USPS.

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