The Friday Fives

1. What’s a popular food or drink that you dislike?
Pumpkin spice most anything – well except for pumpkin pie – kind of dig that a lot. But coffee flavored with pumpkin spice? I’ll pass, thank you.

2. What is your addiction?
Wow, a loaded question. Let’s take that to media – currently, I am addicted to Chicago Med streaming on the Netflixes. I love me some Oliver Platt. (Yes, Greg, we know the medicine and science is all wrong – shut up and enjoy the ride. )

3, What’s a bizarre historical event you can’t believe actually took place?
We landed a frickin’ helicopter on Mars. Read that sentence again – we landed a frickin’ helicopter on Mars.

4, Which country will start WW3? Why?
It won’t be the big nations – the US, China, or even Russia. It won’t be North Korea because they are broke and have no imperial infrastructure to influence allies. In fact, based on that we may never have a world war again as the big five (US, China, Russia, Europe, and British Commonwealth) have pretty much squashed any ability for other nations to forge any kind of alliances needed to wage a global war. There will be neighboring country skirmishes and fights over borders and resources but as long as the world economy has free trade and open trade, global war makes no economic sense and that is usually why countries go to war – when economies no long function to allow the instigator the ability to advance economically and thus they begin taking things from other nations.

5, What is the most ridiculously believed piece of misinformation?
Any other makeshift supposed cures and preventative measures the anti-vax whack jobs are using to prevent/cure getting sick with Covid-19. There is one thing that can be done – get vaccinated – it is free, effective, and easy. Millions and millions of Earthlings have taken the vaccines with no or very limited minor side effects.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Dim Sum – Not all of it, per se. But there are some items that are like licking on, then chewing on and then swallowing a big lump of coughed up mucus.

    2) After 6 years of it, I am addicted to working for myself and feeling semi-retired and not having to deal with the bullshit that is organized office communities is super nice. If I had to break this addiction, I would have to hit a financial bottom unlike any I have ever seen before.

    3) Trump election and pretty much all of the antics and beliefs (not facts, mind you) of millions of my fellow citizens.

    4) Given the isolation that large countries are doing to themselves and technology being as accessible as it is, I assume it will be a country like Afghanistan or similar country that comes under the rule of extremist factions and then do something in the name of their beliefs or God (not facts, mind you).

    5) That we live in a fully free governed society and can do as we please and whatever we may think is the best course of action for us as individuals. Fortunately, that is not how governed societies or any society works, otherwise it would be anarchistic form of mass people. The unfortunate part is that when the citizens of a governed society become so self absorbed and entitled that they start to believe that their individual beliefs and way of thinking (not facts, mind you) is their right over the greater citizen body, well that just opens the door to extremist elements to take control and manipulate our government due the “need” to take away control from the citizens due to to anarchy and lack of ability to be free.,

  2. 1. Ranch dressing. I can’t stand the flavor, the texture, the smell or the mouth feel. I’ve lost a lot of friends over this.

    2. Prescription drugs. I just can’t get enough.

    3. The January insurrection was probably the most surreal thing I’ve seen in 25 plus years (the OJ chase, and balloon boy also being right up there).

    4. It will likely be yet another war over religion. I could imagine Pakistan doing something stupid, and causing implications across Asia.

    5. An obvious one is the Big Lie. The word “lie” is right in the name. Racists are stupid.

  3. 1) Fuck avocados. They’re green slimy and gross. If leave them alone for a few minutes they turn into something that looks like it belongs in a diaper! ?

    2) I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to Facebook. Pheeeww, they say admitting you have a problem is the first step but I don’t feel any different. (Roy details win championships. That’s why those shows are always viewed as schlock)

    3) The enthusiasm with which people will rush to repeat history even when it’s being on the wrong side of it.

    4) It’s going to be the country no one expects. I’m gonna go with Canada. One day a guy at a Tim Hortons gets 2 fewer Timbits than the box says and just fucking snaps!

    5) That the United States are the greatest country in the world. I mean sure it’s got some good stuff but I think we’ve fallen pretty fucking far from the greatest at much of anything in the world.


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