Nine eyes are watching you

Maybe a little creepy but it is not my fault. For nearly a decade now, Google has been making street-level maps. You may have seen their little cars poking around. They have nine cameras and are called “Nine Eyes.” This Tumblr feed collects some of the odd sites the nine eyes have stumbled upon. While board in the new lockdown, take a gander. The trip will take hours. Oh, the humanity – this is like some sort of meta-participatory photojournalism created by an algorithm and its unintended consequences.

Stupid comics and the silver and golden age of comics archives


Don’t let the cover above fool you. The links below are full off crazy old comic books, the ones that will never get a reboot on the silver screen or a show on the CW. This is close to but perhaps inferior to the Comics Curmudgeon, but in the same vein.

What gold have you found? Details in the comments section are welcome.

  • “The Stupid Comics pages have been neatly categorized for your convenience! Start off with the first page, or click any link below to begin your journey into… STUPID COMICS!!!
    The newest page is HERE.”
  • Below are a series of deep deep links of comics from all over the web from pre code, golden age and silver age of comics.

    172 Places For Free Comic Books And Graphic Novels Online

    Download Over 22,000 Golden & Silver Age Comic Books from the Comic Book Plus Archive

    Jerry dreamin”

    Jerry Garcia has been in my dreams the last few nights. 
    Kind of odd.
    Sure, I enjoy his music but I don't generally think about him that much during the day. 
    The first dream, it was a soundtrack.  Throughout the dream there were versions of Sugaree being played in the back ground. Lots of different versions. An acoustic version, a full on Grateful Dead vesion and even a big band version that I don't think was ever recorded, at least not the rendition playing through my head. 

    The second appearance he was just hanging out – first in a picture on a wall, then in the back seat of a car we were riding in.

    The third dream he became a major player, with speaking roles and everything. I recall he was constantly looking for something to eat and many of us were with him and he was giving directions on where to find certain foods. I do remember there were candy bars in the quest and I guess it goes without saying, there was also a constant amount of pot and pot smoke swirling around him. 
    I am uncertain.  Musical queus spawnded the images?  I ain't on tthe dope that ain't it.  He died eventually of a heart attack, maybe that was the trigger. Who knows, but know this, he is an excellent dream time companion. Very funny and conversational.

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    A Man and his Guitar: Willie Nelson and Trigger

    The story of a man and his guitar.
    Trigger is the guitar.
    Willie is the master.
    I have seen Willie in concert twice and this guitar is a physical extension of him – he has a deep relationship with this particular instrument. It is sweet, when you watch him play. Many folks don’t know what an amazing guitar player he is. Go to Google. Search Willie and then go to videos and watch this guy play. He and Trigger have a great relationship.

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    Clicking Away The Hours

    I enjoy spending Sunday afternoons clicking away through the internet with wild abandon. I know I am not the only one.

    Two great links that make such clicking away easy and yummy.

    Popurls – a collection of recent links to Digg,, and reddit

    The folks across the pond supply this collection of classically great sites.

    I also love this one from their competitor over at The Guardian has its own version, although a little older. (PS, the Guardian technology site alone is a great read.)

    Random Stuff After Too Much Vodka

    I stumbled on this accidentally via the great email newsletter from the former cable channel – Trio.

    I between some web searching, this web link and what I read of the book on Amazon, I am smitten. I think I will pick up a volume this weekend. I love the sense of humor that you see on this site. ANd the special surprise on the web format.

    Talking about Trio – it was a great television network, part of the NBC cable world but probably too subsersive for regular consumption. It had one of the greatest television shows or categories – “Brilliant but
    Cancelled, ” which was just that – the entire run of shows that had in their lifetime. Their website, which you can get to via the Trio link above, will lead to you forums, news and discussions of other pop culuture discussioin and tracking stuff – and it is Good stuff.

    And if you indeed make it to Trio’s website, I suggest you sign up for their daily newsletter. They send a juicy set of three (Trio) themes of links each day. It is generally a good time.

    Speaking of a good time. Ever since I got my 52″ HDTV spendor-vision, I am watching more sports. I still don’t understand NASCAR, but I am watching a lot more PBR bull riding rodeo coverage in all of its HD maginificence. I don’t know where this fandom has come from. I think bull riding is the closest American sport to equate to the big
    European and South American sport of bull fighting. But there seems to be more danger in bull riding compared to the more traiditional bull fighting.

    Musically, I recently took some time to act on an offer I received in a magazine. In some mag I was reading, probably Harpers’, I received a coupon for 25 free songs from I haven’t done a lot of legitimate song purchasing via online sources, however I figured I would give it a try. eMusic focuses primarily on independent muscians and labels and has a pretty expansive back catalog. I took the plunge and signed up for a subscription – and can now download songs at about 32 cents a piece. And they are compatable on any music player. (Yes, Apple Ipod-a-snobs, you can even play emusic downloads on your Ipod.)
    I now have a musical crush on some artists from recent downloads: Todd Snider (Prine meets Dylan meets Kristofferson meets Steve Goodman all in one package – and his is just a kid in his 30s.); Loudon Wainwright’s soundtrack to “Knocked Up”; Demetri Martin’s comedic musical musings; some old school Jorma and Kris Kristofferson’ Minnesota singer song writer David Wilcox.
    I suggest you take a chance, try their free offer for 25 free songs and dig into their catalog. It has a some great stuff and for $20.00 a month it comes out to about 32 cents a song. That is a pretty good deal.

    The final season of HBO’s “The Wire” starts soon.

    The Comics Curmudgeon


    “Rex looks increasingly agitated as this strip progresses. ‘God damn them and their medical mumbo-jumbo! Impersonating a doctor is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought. OK, what am I going to do if one of them asks me a question? There’s got to be a way to change the subject of this conversation to ice cream.’ ”

    I passed this on to Ed yesterday (who turned me on to this gem) , but need to affirm it here and share with you all one my favorite, and I mean favorite all time internet haunts.

    The Comics Curmudgeon is the very definition of post modern deconstructionism. He takes the comics from the newspaper, and usually the comics you never read – Rex Morgan, Mark trail, Apartment 3 G, Gil Thorpe, to name a few – and he explains, prods and analyzes them in micoscopic detail. Usually ending up with some of the funniest observations and well worth a visit. I suggest several visits. On the right hand side of the blog you will find a link of random goodness. Definitely the way to get your feet wet.

    Thanks Rev. and enjoy.

    The evil me

    This spring, the Rev. Ed turned me on to a website of humorous genius: Drink at work. (The site is a walking, publishing dichotomy.
    . There is so much to talk about about this site. The guy is the author of the odd daily syndicated cartoon “Sally Forth” for one thing – not a bastion of “Git yer funny on”)
    This morning, making my web rounds, I stumbled on this gem.

    Say Cheese

    Shutterbug. I have this soft spot for“found”or discovered photography and pictures of odd, foreign images taken from every day things. Part of the passion started from Games magazine that I avidly read years ago. They used to take very, very close up pictures of everyday things and then crop them very tightly. The goal of the Eyeball Benders puzzle was to guess what the segment was from. Along the same lines, we have 2 .a.m. which features pictures taken late at night with no flash using only available lighting, and Midnight Exposure along the same lines. We can see what is going on via webcam anywhere in the world, or focus our attention on America’s back roads. Lileks has also collected Americana on his deep content website with this collection of postcards from American motels of 1950s and 1960s. And the whole record of the decay of the industrial age has been detailed by Dark Passage, The Ruins of Detroit or Infiltration. So pour a cup of coffee and sit back and explore this odd art museum.

    Google Game du Jour

    This is fun. Type in a year into The Google Advanced Image Search. For instance 1957. Then go to the Google images tab. Voila, tons of vintage pics for wallpaper or the like. I am a bit addicted to the Google Image search engine anyway. But this is kinda fun. Don’t know why you would ever need to do this. I have a few friends that collect old black and white group photos. Like of Army units from WWII or fireman. Lots of these kind of pictures come up as JPEGS. Not necessarily suitable for framing, but an homage to their collection.