Jerry dreamin”

Jerry Garcia has been in my dreams the last few nights. 
Kind of odd.
Sure, I enjoy his music but I don't generally think about him that much during the day. 
The first dream, it was a soundtrack.  Throughout the dream there were versions of Sugaree being played in the back ground. Lots of different versions. An acoustic version, a full on Grateful Dead vesion and even a big band version that I don't think was ever recorded, at least not the rendition playing through my head. 

The second appearance he was just hanging out – first in a picture on a wall, then in the back seat of a car we were riding in.

The third dream he became a major player, with speaking roles and everything. I recall he was constantly looking for something to eat and many of us were with him and he was giving directions on where to find certain foods. I do remember there were candy bars in the quest and I guess it goes without saying, there was also a constant amount of pot and pot smoke swirling around him. 
I am uncertain.  Musical queus spawnded the images?  I ain't on tthe dope that ain't it.  He died eventually of a heart attack, maybe that was the trigger. Who knows, but know this, he is an excellent dream time companion. Very funny and conversational.

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