You Tube Sunday: Bicycle Rush Hour Utrecht, Netherlands [VIDEO]

My, how we are all so very different, no? I can’t imagine us ever getting to this point in the US.

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A Man and his Guitar: Willie Nelson and Trigger

The story of a man and his guitar.
Trigger is the guitar.
Willie is the master.
I have seen Willie in concert twice and this guitar is a physical extension of him – he has a deep relationship with this particular instrument. It is sweet, when you watch him play. Many folks don’t know what an amazing guitar player he is. Go to Google. Search Willie and then go to videos and watch this guy play. He and Trigger have a great relationship.

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Bruce live – but not in Denver

Bruce came to town this week but I didn’t go. I couldn’t gather the scratch for 120 bucks in tickets.

But I did find this – Bruce ‘buskering’ on the streets of Copenhagen in 1988 See here for the complete account.. For free and everything. I don’t think this Bruce exists anymore. Enjoy.

Pornography Will Literally Destroy Civilization

Over at the Internet Archive you can find some great old and public domain movies.

And through the magic of the internets, some folks have taken the time to find and collate all of the goodness.


  • Link 1 is a collection of public domain education films from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
  • Link 2 is a collection of public domain slasher and thriller movies from the same era – some great collections of bad acting – like sitting the main library of Mystery Science Theater 3000 vault.
  • Step 5, enjoy.

    Absolutely Vulgar, No Apologies . . .

    My friends, I present the genius of Derek and Clive:

    (loud volume, be careful)

    (pretty misogynistic -but brilliant in the characterization.)

    Dudley Moore and Peter Cook
    were the Cheech and Chong. of London in the late 60s and 70s. Brilliant characters, lewd, revealing stories, brave and unremorseful vulgar humor.

    They are familiar to you all, from movies and such but in America, they didn’t do much together.

    In Jolly England, they were part of the amazing comedy team performing “Beyond The Fringe.” which eventually translated into television and moved into the lore of comedy.