I’d buy it

I have lost the link in a housekeeping frenzy, but recently I stumbled on a web log site whose life’s mission was to find and taunt online auctions. Much like Disturbing Auctions but with snarky photos and the ability to comment on delicious finds. It was while on the that mysterious site that I happened upon this. Shop Goodwill. Wow. What kind of gold is this! An online thrift store auction. I doubt the site makes much money and I imagine the web site itself and the bandwidth are donated, but still . . . where else can you find such wonders as Clippo the Clown. Perhaps he would make a perfect companion to Ed’s houseboy Pedro.
If nothing else, the Goodwill store will now be a site to go to for odd pictures to brighten up any template.
heh heh heh.

Terry Tate to the rescue

The story of Terry Tate is funny. You see, in many ways my old boss at Nextel was the original OLB – a former outside linebacker at USC, he had a game day intensity about him most times. They have updated the shorts, so if you dug the original, there is now more Terry fun. For best results, download to your hard drive and save as a Windows movie. The streaming media get hit pretty hard and the buffering will drive you crazy.Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

Academy Awards

I am about nine months behind on movies, but anyway:
Complete list of 75th annual Academy Award nominations

I am happy that Queen Latifah got a nod. She is a pretty cool lady. Otherwise, no real surprises here. Some folks have talked about the obvious abscence of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It did get a screenwriting nomination but nothing else. But really, people, just because a movie makes a truck load of cash doesn’t automatically mean that it is worthy of best picture.

With the Academy Awards comes the annual Oscar ™ party. Hmmmm. I think this year’s annual bash at the neighbors’ needs a theme. I propose “Casablanca.” A great movie and a great theme to work from. Just a suggestion to Mark and Robert, our annual hosts.

Google blasting

I picked up an issue of Harper’s on the coffee table the other day. From the October issue, in their Readings section that had a piece on Google. They typed in the phrase “People ask me all the time” into the Google search engine and then posted the results. Very amusing. Some of the gold:
“People ask me all the time how I did it, but what they really want to know is how they can do it, too.”
“People ask me all the time, ‘Bob just what is it exactly that you DO?'”
“People ask me all the time, why I’m so weird.”
“People ask me all the time what goes on in the car.”
“People ask me all the time to explain the one technique to blow their partner’s mind.”

Well, you get the point. It goes on and on. And yes, Google is amazing. I have given myself at least an associate’s degree in basic computer programming and networking over the past few months just by typing in questions into Google and searching for the answers.

But what is really available on Google. Today, that will be the challenge. I think a few choice cliche’ phrase searches are in order. I think I will start with the phrase “Don’t be so melodramatic” and see what comes up.

“Cancer is bleak.”. “You don’t have cancer.”. “Psychomelanoma. Untreatable.”. “You are so melodramatic. It’s tiresome.”

“Jesse, don’t be so melodramatic. There’s no way a small blip in the comings and goings in PC Lala-land compares to the risk of one human life much less a carload of them.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic. I still love you, and I think I’ll probably marry you some day and have your child. But right now I don’t want to be tied down when there’s so many possibilities to explore.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic. You’re not washed up, you’re
just bogged down.”. “Oh, yes, thank you. It’s all so clear to me now.

“Really Pilar, don’t be so melodramatic.” Ivy crossed the room and put on her favorite perfume,

” Don’t be so melodramatic. The Ds occupy half the Senate. They can block any
court nomination they want to. They won’t. They’re so darn polite”

Hannah pulled the quilt over her legs again. “Oh don�t be so melodramatic. It�s just life, Kiley. That�s all. People fall in and out of love every day. It�s no big deal.”

“And, finally, don’t be so melodramatic: Our relations with
China are messy partly because we worry too much about them”

Dog Nerd

Okay, I have shared a severe bit of nerdiness already, so it isn’t too much to go further. Besides chess, the Bee Gees and the very fact I have created a self-obsessive blog, I have spent the better part of the Tuesday and Wednesday watching the rebroadcast of the Westminster Dog Show.I dig the dog show. Always have. A few thoughts. Joe Garagiola used to host the show every year. He was replaced with Mark McEwan, the former CBS weatherman. Not bad, but in terms of pure geekiness, I thought that it would be hard to beat ol’ Joe. But McEwan did a fine geeky job. His broadcast partner, David Frei, was a bit annoying, however. Standing there proudly displaying his Denver Broncos Super Bowl ring as he does the doggy-do play-by-play was a bit surreal. The former Football PR flack turned dog show competitor (the term he used all the time was “Breeder/ Owner/Handler”
– as if it were a coveted role.) referred to the dogs as “fabulous” on more occassions than you might expect a world champion football dude would.

I was cheering for the Pomeranian. I don’t necessarily like them as a dog, but I figured their day had come and frankly, that dog, to use Frei’s term, was “fabulous.”

But in the end the Kerry Blue Terrier won the show.

Tweaking Blogspot

Okay. Links are up.Changed the template to be easier to read

Fiddled with the Title header.

Now for an explanation of the title.

It is from Walt Whitman. In the preface of Leaves of Grass.

It needs a whole table of its own right here, but that is on the to do list.

How to make a great cup of coffee

The following advice is probably the most important thing that I can impart to you.

1. Use only filtered water. If you can remove the metals and the chlorine from the water, you have already taken a great step in making a better cup of coffee.

2. Next step. Take some time, effort and money and purchase and gold coffee filter. Melitta and several others sell them. I bought mine at Cost Plus but I am sure they can be found nearly everywhere. Paper filters remove the oils and with it the flavor of a lot of the coffee. Plus you are throwing one less thing into the trash with each pot you make.

3. Grind your own beans. Canned or pre-ground coffees lose their flavors very quickly. In the course of several hours your fresh coffee will be nearly flavor less. Buy fresh Arabica beans. Stay away from the name brand ground coffees, as they are a blend of Arabica (flavor) and Robusta (cheap) coffees.

4. Use a decent coffee maker!. Don’t skimp on the coffee maker. Make sure the water is heated to degrees and the warming pad won’t cook the coffee after it sits for more than about 20 minutes. Braun and Black and Decker both make great coffee makers that are recommended by Cooks magazine and Consumer Reports.

5. If you have gotten to this point, you are ready for the next step, roasting your own green beans. Unroasted coffee beans can last for a couple of years. They are half the price of roasted beans. And for the cost of an investment in a coffee maker (about $79.00 or so) you can have the absolutely freshest cup of coffee that you can imagine.

Roast, grind, brew, enjoy.

There are other tips for the more advanced. Store brewed coffee in a carafe or thermos to keep it from cooking on coffee maker burner.

Try using a French press for an intense cup of Joe. (Their only draw back is that often they make only two or three cups at a time, are hard to keep it warm and if the boiling water is too hot you may have ruined the roast before you even get a chance to taste it.)

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