Always A Point Of Contention. Always

An interesting point counter point on Wal Mart. I believe this was first posted at Metafilter, but I forget where I dug this up. But it is a nice discussion concerning the opinions on the world of Wal-Mart. First by Fortune magazine which praises the business behemoth for reinventing the business model. Then by populist politician and columnist Jim Hightower who lambasts Wal-Mart, the media and buying public for so gullibly taking it all in. Both are long-ish reads but present something to think about before hefting that next bag of Ol’ Roy dog food into your basket at the supercenter.

  • Bullying people from your town to China
  • One Nation under Wal-Mart
  • Let That Newspaper Subscription Lapse

    With online news, weather and sports sources galore and the ease of shopping with Ebay and and other sources, about the only thing missing from a total online experience is reading the comics. While perusing the Tech TV Download of the day I stumbled upon this: The Web Comics Reader. It is pretty self explanatory but in a nutshell. Download the .exe, install and then set up which comics you want to read. Then run the reader program and a web page comes up with all your favorite comics. Slicker than snot.

    Fire Up Yer Rivets

    This is specifically for my friends Sage and Jenny. But kinda cool for everyone else:

  • Powers of Persuasion – WWII poster art
  • Ad Access – Vintage Advertising Art
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    Always Tweaking Something

    Spinning around the web I stumbled upon Pixeldecor which features a cool 1950s and 60s themed art for desktop themes and wall papers. Her most popular bit is a monthly calendar desktop. March’s isn’t available. I will try to clue you in when it is. A neat site nonetheless. It is part of Very Big Design a lovefest by Jen Segrest, “another girl running rampant on the web.” I like her style.

    Amusing Post Grammy Analysis

    This was posted on a Yahoo Group Springsteen discussion board this morning. Made me giggle a bit:
    “Sure, it’d been nice for BS to win album of the year, but the awards are the equivalent to a junior high student council race for treasurer. Dont sweat it.”

    Crime Alert

    Holy crap. Someone, and I assume it was meddling kids, stole my almost-famous-by-now Got Beer door mat from my front door sometime last night. It was there when Julie walked the dog last night but has since disappeared.

    Mother Alert

    Mom and Jim are coming through town as part of their month long vacation/honeymoon. We expect them around Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the weather. Right now they are sitting out a storm and some icy roads just west of Wichita, Kansas before hitting the road in the motorhome with station wagon in tow. So my day is now about Mother-izing the house. Clean, clean, polish, dust, fold and fluff the laundry and tackle the floor with a mop. Ohh the humanity. To top it off, my sister and room mate, is sick and moving at about half speed after taking the day off work. So I am trying to spear head the assault without pissing her off. A delicate balance on par with anything Colin Powell has been doing for the last few months.
    Wish me well as I begin the mop up operation.

    Weekend In Review

    A low key lifestyle. We scuttled the zoo plans on Saturday after a weekend long snow and cold fit that kept us locked up indoors. We went for some good old fashioned pub visiting on Saturday afternoon. The stalwart trio of Roy, Ed and Julie first ate a late breakfast at Pete’s Greek Town Cafe. Not nearly as greasy , but also not nearly as fresh and tasty as Pete’s other fine establishments. After a brunch and some beers we travelled over to The Bull and Bush over in historic and meteoric Glendale. A neat little tavern. Quiet, good service, good micro brewed beer and you don’t come out of the joint smelling like an ashtray. From there we journeyed over to Choppers in Cherry Creek. A nice bar and not as crowded as we expected for a late Saturday afternoon. A pizza and a few Denver Pale Ales and that folks wrapped up the Saturday hijinx. It is a nice little rhythm of late as the trio visits some new haunts and reconnects with some older ones during my favorite time of the day, mid-afternoon.
    Sunday we attempted to save the breakfast affair from Saturday, eating a good, greasy-spoon inspired meal at Pete’s Gyros kitchen. A meal that met the expectations. From there, Julie and I took Ed to Sam’s Club. This was fun as Ed came into contact with a whole new element in the world – mass produced shoppers happy to buy by the gross. Ed’s final assessment. “Not bad prices, but they carry none of my brands.” That made me smile. Only our little minor celebrity would insist on Pellegrino at bulk shopping prices, or nothing at all.

    Nora Jones over Bruce?

    I feel slighted. Well, not really. I am not much of a Grammys fan and usually could care less about the over blown awards show. Hell, with all the categories offered, I am bit upset that I didn’t get one. But I do have a soft spot in my heart for Bruce Springsteen. And the Rising is a great, great album. I don’t put it on par with Born to Run or Born in the USA but it does have the maturity and the passion of Tunnel of Love and that is nothing to sneeze at. I also enjoy Nora Jones and have her album. And I guess the Grammy award for album of the year will mean she will have some career longevity – Sony will keep her around for a few more albums. But only time will tell if she has any depth or maturity make for a long lasting career.