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  • Do I Look Sexy?
  • Make sure safe search is “on” Otherwise you could lose your job. Or an eye.

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    Life Is In The Details

    The sweet quiet of a Sunday morning. The joy of sleeping in. A great cup of coffee. Startled out of a guilty sleep, the phone rings and it is mother, checking in. Yes, as much as life changes, as much as life presents obstacles and challenges, some elements remain the same. Working now, I have the chance to gaze in to what life, a modern life in this world, is about. I spend hours each day processing money order purchases for on line auctions. And the people of this world are buying fun, wacky stuff. A guy in France who is obsessed with 1950s Americana buys hundreds of dollars of photos, posters, record albums and knick knacks from movies each month. A small vendor in Taiwan sells the latest Japananimation collectibles to an eBay user in Holland. In the daily tedium of the job there are these little gems that are fascinating. ABBA is making a resurgence, especially in Spain where a lot of collectors seem to be buying selling ABBA related stuff – records, posters, ticket stubs. A guy in Idaho bought a Sonny Bono action figure (yes, that Sonny Bono. It doesn’t come with a tree).
    I was terribly grouchy earlier this week, due to this job and its tedious routine. But I have decided to enjoy the time I spend there looking into people’s lives through the microscope of www.ebay.com and other auction sites as people find the things that are important to them, find the way to keep their Sunday mornings surrounded by the loved and the familiar.

    Friday Fives

    Friday Fives

    1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?
    Two different dorm rooms, one barracks room, ten (that is right, ten) apartments.

    2. Which was your favorite and why?
    When I lived in the housing at Lowry Air Force base, after the base closed and they opened it up for public rentals, I rented a funky townhouse with wall to wall linoleum. It was a corner unit with lots of light and a good deal of space. I had great neighbors whom years later I am still friends with. A friend told me once it really fit my shabby chic lifestyle. That does about say it all.

    3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?
    I hate moving, but then again, nearly everyone does. Working at Ryder trucks customer service I have learned a few things. Move early, move in the middle of the month, move in the middle of the week, rent a truck and get a bigger one than you think you will need. Get a storage shed to shuttle stuff so you can start moving early and a keg to feed your friends with.

    4. What’s more important, location or price?
    Location. I am not a massive mansion on the hill sort of guy. I want a funky place that is close enough to make the commute tolerable but also equidistant from friends and the city.

    5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?
    A huge porch that wraps around the house. A third floor or attic study to put in the computer and geeky hobby stuff. And friends who know me know I need a huge kitchen for all my stuff. I want an open floor plan for entertaining and secret passages. After playing Clue as a kid I have determined that the coolest houses have secret passages. After housesitting for a family this winter I have added a steam room to the wish list. Hard to live without that!


    Defeat European Terrorists

    This is a fun flash game where you just sit and shoot uzi’s at terrorists. Very funny. And the best part – it’s in German so you have no idea what is happening.


    Lost Among The Missing

    This is a sad commentary of race, money and the media. It seemed when this pregnant woman turned up missing, only to have her body wash ashore in California, it didn’t warrant media attention, unlike Lacy Peterson. Why? She wasn’t the White All-American Girl.


    Rodney King, Again?

    This is a week or so old, but I missed it the first time around. Rodney King has been in the hospital after he wrapped his SUV around a tree while allegedly driving drunk. Police observed him speeding through town but King had crashed before the police could begin chase. Idiot!


    Springsteen, Baby

    Tickets ordered. Section A1. But alas, not General Admission. But still as close as can be. Row 11. Always, it is the greatest live concert event in town. So what is a boy to do but go? Nearly a year, to the day, that I saw him last time. Is this the making of a tradition? I doubt I could afford that. Heh.


    American Execs Protected From Bankruptcy

    This sucks. Executives at struggling American Airlines, which has demanded significant pay and benefits cuts from its unions in order to stay bankruptcy and attempt to make the company solvent has taken steps to protect executives and board members from any bankruptcy matters. It was announced yesterday that American has exempted the benefits and pension plans for the executive board and directors from any bankruptcy matters and has granted huge million dollar bonuses to many executives at the same time the bulk of the company was forced to take huge pay cuts.
    The unions are lining up at the courthouse on this one. I don’t know the law – it should be illegal but the law is probalby written in such a way to protect these very moves. It will take a very brave judge to call any of this illegal. Keep watching this – it looks to be interesting.

  • Unions at American Airlines Criticize Plans for Pensions
  • (NYT times link you need to fill out a free registration.)