Mama, Who’s My Daddy

Mama, Who’s My Daddy

It took a while for this to finally surface online, but finally, The Naked Trucker’s piece they performed on Conan O’Brien a while back is now available for download. Cripes, I find these guys funny. In a Tenacious D sort of way. But in a country western way and perhaps a more clever glimpse of the joke that they are letting us in on. It takes a bit to download, but well worth it. It is in Quick Time format, so you need to have that available on your system but otherwise, trouble free viewing.

Job Interview?

Indeed! Monday morning, 9:30 I will interview for a position with Finali Corporation. The job is “eSpecialist” doing online customer service support for Western Union customers and their dealer base. Wish me luck. After 8 and a half months on long, long unemployment, this brilliant hard working soul needs a job.

Friday Fives

  • 1. What is your most prized material possession?
  • Probably my dad’s rings that were left to me when he died. I can keep him with my all the time, that way.

  • 2. What item, that you currently own, have you had the longest?
  • I have very little stuff left from my childhood. I did a terrible job as a teen and in early adulthood keeping track of stuff. But I have all my boy scout stuff, some of it I have had since I was ten years old. I also have a book I bought in second grade from scholastic books. That is probably the thing I have kept the longest.

  • 3. Are you a packrat?
  • Yes. Every three or four months I must tear apart my bedroom and files and just jettison cargo. I seem to hold on to every scrap of paper for far too long and I hate to get rid of a book. Ever.

  • 4. Do you prefer a spic-and-span clean house? Or is some clutter necessary to avoid the appearance of a museum?
  • Clutter isn’t only good, at our house it is a fact of life. A house was meant to be lived in, not looked at. I hate folks who have to keep a house so clean and tidy they are forced to live in a tent in the backyard to keep from enjoying it.

  • 5. Do the rooms in your house have a theme? Or is it a mixture of knick-knacks here and there?
  • My bathroom has a fishing theme that for some reason or another has evolved over the years. The rest of the house has no set theme. I wouldn’t say knick knacks, persay – that evokes images of a granny’s house, but there are photos and things on the mantle and other shelves.

    Wasn’t Christopher Walken In That?

    This is nifty. A six degrees of Kevin Bacon-esque search engine, using the Internet Movie Database. Just plug in any two actors and select TV, Movies or Both.

  • Star Links
  • Neighbors

    About five minutes into this episode of This American Life is a nice piece about a writer’s life long relationship with Fred Rogers, which began as a child. It is fitting on this, the day that Fred Rogers died of Cancer.
    This file is in Real Audio format and requires a free real audio player to listen. The Mr. Rogers part begins about five minutes in, but give the whole show a listen. Ira Glass is an American treasure.

    Poem du Jour

    Elvis Costello wailing away on the Bose
    Chelsea songs, crafted rhyming prose
    Puttering around the afternoon waiting
    For springtime and the season’s rebirth
    Knowing it isn’t the weather’s pattern painting
    Making me anxious, but scourched Earth
    Intense boredom replacing my life’s work.

    I hunt and peck the pages of ads
    Contemplate the hacks and macks
    Soulessly offering positions for my wallet.
    Truck driver, reciptionist, nurse, taxi hacks
    A wage earning conduit

    The resumes sent, faxed, stamped and wired
    Making relevant the paper shuffle
    Ways to meet the goal, avoiding the drunken stumble
    At the traffic intersection before I tumble.

    Will Work to End the Internal Mumble!

    Mmmmmm, Bacon

    How can you not celebrate this article from today’s Denver Post food section! Just a few quotes: “Bacon is the chocolate of the new millennium,” and “Bacon has it all. It has crunch; it has bite; it’s chewy and savory and slightly sweet in one little package.”or“It may have been politically incorrect, but nobody really stopped lovin’ bacon.” and “We have a saying, If it tastes bad, just add bacon.” Be sure and check out the recipes including a bacon topped cheesecake.

  • Bacon of the month club
  • Always A Point Of Contention. Always

    An interesting point counter point on Wal Mart. I believe this was first posted at Metafilter, but I forget where I dug this up. But it is a nice discussion concerning the opinions on the world of Wal-Mart. First by Fortune magazine which praises the business behemoth for reinventing the business model. Then by populist politician and columnist Jim Hightower who lambasts Wal-Mart, the media and buying public for so gullibly taking it all in. Both are long-ish reads but present something to think about before hefting that next bag of Ol’ Roy dog food into your basket at the supercenter.

  • Bullying people from your town to China
  • One Nation under Wal-Mart
  • Let That Newspaper Subscription Lapse

    With online news, weather and sports sources galore and the ease of shopping with Ebay and and other sources, about the only thing missing from a total online experience is reading the comics. While perusing the Tech TV Download of the day I stumbled upon this: The Web Comics Reader. It is pretty self explanatory but in a nutshell. Download the .exe, install and then set up which comics you want to read. Then run the reader program and a web page comes up with all your favorite comics. Slicker than snot.