Dave’s World

Dave Berry has great little blog updated a couple of times a day. Two gems from yesterday include Attack Carrot Top and Advice on how to survive a code orange terror alert.

Terry Tate to the rescue

The story of Terry Tate is funny. You see, in many ways my old boss at Nextel was the original OLB – a former outside linebacker at USC, he had a game day intensity about him most times. They have updated the shorts, so if you dug the original, there is now more Terry fun. For best results, download to your hard drive and save as a Windows movie. The streaming media get hit pretty hard and the buffering will drive you crazy.Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

Academy Awards

I am about nine months behind on movies, but anyway:
Complete list of 75th annual Academy Award nominations

I am happy that Queen Latifah got a nod. She is a pretty cool lady. Otherwise, no real surprises here. Some folks have talked about the obvious abscence of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It did get a screenwriting nomination but nothing else. But really, people, just because a movie makes a truck load of cash doesn’t automatically mean that it is worthy of best picture.

With the Academy Awards comes the annual Oscar ™ party. Hmmmm. I think this year’s annual bash at the neighbors’ needs a theme. I propose “Casablanca.” A great movie and a great theme to work from. Just a suggestion to Mark and Robert, our annual hosts.

Google blasting

I picked up an issue of Harper’s on the coffee table the other day. From the October issue, in their Readings section that had a piece on Google. They typed in the phrase “People ask me all the time” into the Google search engine and then posted the results. Very amusing. Some of the gold:
“People ask me all the time how I did it, but what they really want to know is how they can do it, too.”
“People ask me all the time, ‘Bob just what is it exactly that you DO?'”
“People ask me all the time, why I’m so weird.”
“People ask me all the time what goes on in the car.”
“People ask me all the time to explain the one technique to blow their partner’s mind.”

Well, you get the point. It goes on and on. And yes, Google is amazing. I have given myself at least an associate’s degree in basic computer programming and networking over the past few months just by typing in questions into Google and searching for the answers.

But what is really available on Google. Today, that will be the challenge. I think a few choice cliche’ phrase searches are in order. I think I will start with the phrase “Don’t be so melodramatic” and see what comes up.

“Cancer is bleak.”. “You don’t have cancer.”. “Psychomelanoma. Untreatable.”. “You are so melodramatic. It’s tiresome.”

“Jesse, don’t be so melodramatic. There’s no way a small blip in the comings and goings in PC Lala-land compares to the risk of one human life much less a carload of them.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic. I still love you, and I think I’ll probably marry you some day and have your child. But right now I don’t want to be tied down when there’s so many possibilities to explore.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic. You’re not washed up, you’re
just bogged down.”. “Oh, yes, thank you. It’s all so clear to me now.

“Really Pilar, don’t be so melodramatic.” Ivy crossed the room and put on her favorite perfume,

” Don’t be so melodramatic. The Ds occupy half the Senate. They can block any
court nomination they want to. They won’t. They’re so darn polite”

Hannah pulled the quilt over her legs again. “Oh don�t be so melodramatic. It�s just life, Kiley. That�s all. People fall in and out of love every day. It�s no big deal.”

“And, finally, don’t be so melodramatic: Our relations with
China are messy partly because we worry too much about them”