The Friday Fives

1. What’s your favorite “go-to” comfort food?
Macaroni and cheese. Steaming hot plate of cheesy chewy goo. My sister makes with Rotel tomatoes with habanero peppers and adds cream cheese along with cheddar and Velvetta. It rocks.

2. What is your favorite “go-to” comfort cocktail?
The gin and tonic has been my go-to drink for years. Easy and peasy.

3. Is there a cocktail that in no way will every be crafted/consumed?
From my bartender’s cocktail recipe cookbook with no cover or copyright page, I support the following:
The Frostbite
1 1/4 ounce White Tequila
1/2 oz white creme de cocoa
1 tsp. honey
1 -2 dash bitters
mix in a blender with ice and serve in a cocktail glass.

4. What would be the worst name for a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor?
“Toilet Funk and Nutz”

5. Earth is visited by curious aliens. What is the first food that should be introduced to and would represent the Earth?
Single slice cheese pizza.

The Friday Fives

1. Where is the most beautiful nature in your area?

Tough question – I live in Colorado there is so much but there is a nice beautiful wilderness up near Crested Butte that has this spectacular meadow of wildflowers that will take your breath away.

2. Does your household grow some of its own food?

No. I am an apartment dweller with little to no southeast exposure so getting ample sun is difficult.

3. Do you recycle or repurpose a lot, a little, or somewhere in between?

I should recycle – I don’t. Again, as an apartment dweller the way to do it in my complex is not easy – it’s not like a house where you can wheel the recyclables to the curb for pick up. Maybe this will be a new “At Home” project to get better at this.

4. What do you think the most endangered part of the Earth is?

The oceans. The sea is the big band-aid that is supposed to balance out the environment and the atmosphere. When the band-aid is sick, we are all sick.

5. What is the single best way for an individual to help the environment?
Drive less. Take your tote bags to the grocery store and where available use renewable energy.

The Friday Fives

1. What is the single worst movie you sat through hoping it would get better but didn’t?
The Abyss. We went to see it at “The Flicka” in Gunnison. Movies on the screen, movies to rent in racks in the lobby, and better than average bar food to take in with you to watch the flick. I took my parents, in town to visit their college-bound son. We ended up leaving in the middle. I have never left a movie in the middle while in the theater,
The night` ended with some pie and maybe a milkshake.

2. What hit American tv show do you just not get the appeal of at all?
Most competitive reality TV shows. I just don’t understand the appeal.

3. What was your favorite television show as a kid? Why?
The Saturday night block – Carol Burnett Show – The Love Boat, then Fantasy Island. Classic must-see TV.

4. As a kid, did you get obsessed each fall over the Saturday morning network cartoon line up?
Oh, yeah. There was usually a Friday night prime time special on the Saturday shows and we (my hood friends, Clancy and Greg and Jay and Rita and Julz) would watch and discuss. I remember getting excited about Lassie’s Rescue Rangers.

5. Add “and Hitler” to the end of the title of a book, movie, or TV show. What is it about now?
“Blazing Saddles” The sheriff takes on the German dictator in a Wild West showdown.

The Friday Fives

1. What’s the newest thing you have learned to do?
Make and use sourdough no knead bread. MMM good. Crunchy, sour and so easy.

2. What is the oldest thing you can remember learning in school?
I still fall back on our odd reading by color system that was used in first through third grade.

3. What do you want to learn to do next?
Learn how to sew hand made men’s dress shirts.

4. If you were to go back to school and get another degree, what would you study?
Get a Master’s in Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

5. What is the longest (doorstop quality) book that you have read?
Biggest book I read was “Infinite Gest” by David Foster Wallace.

The Friday Fives

1. What’s the best thing about working from home? 

Not having the 90+ minutes of commute each day

2. What’s the worst thing about working from home?

I actually miss the people watching on the commute, in our office building and, walking around the 16th street mall at lunch and after work.

3. What was unexpected about working from home?

I am so inefficient and unfocused on work stuff.

4. What have you learned about yourself while working from home?

See above and wow, my job is so much about personal interactions with others and communication and I am having to completely rebuild that toolbox.

5. During our self-quarantine/lockdown, what project have you taken on?

I have some sourdough starter I got off Etsy that 60-years (or more) old and have made bread and pancakes. Yummy.

The Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite thing to drink on a hot day?
Ice tea is a fav. Lot’s of ice and with some artificial sweetener (the pink stuff) yeah, yeah, I have heard it all about the Sweet and Low connection to cancer in rats, but I am not a rat and I don’t drink gallons and gallons of tea in a day so I think I am good. It is odd, though – I only use sweet and lo in iced tea but not for anything else.

2. What superstitions do you have?
I am not too superstitious. Really at all.

3. What is your favorite pen to write with and why?
I am really fond of the Pilot Precise P-500 gel pen, fine point.

4. What books have you read or been reading during the Pandemic?
“The Great Influenza” a history of the 1918 flu and the maturation of American medicine and science. And John Scalzi’s “The Last Emporex.”

5. MTV has decided to resurrect playing music videos and they’ve decided to give you a two-hour space to program your favorite music on air. What do you air? Bruce Springsteen, Life from Passaic, NJ. A classic early videotaped Boss concert that all of the world should see.

The Friday Fives

The Friday Fives

1. What’s a kind of food most people hate that you actually like?

Frozen pizzas. Specifically Totinos.  It’s comfort food.

2. What food do you just refuse to eat?

Mammals and birds

3. What’s the best cooking advice/tip you ever received?

Don’t cook anything on a stovetop on high. Low and slow will make a meal.

4. If you were a chef and restaurant owner, what kind of place would you operate?

A vegan taco truck.

5. What are some food + drinks combos that people should try out?

Good old fashioned Root Beet floats with ice cream.  It has fallen out of favor but still a great simple sweet snack.

The Friday Fives

1. If you could pick one fictional item to use in your daily life, what would it be?

The transporter from Star Trek. This is one life-changing device right there. Imagine the uses.  And according to the Trek lexicon, it would remove any viruses and diseases from your body upon being recombubulated.

2. How do you tell if the screaming children outside are having fun, or being chased by an ax killer?

Right outside my window is an elementary school and the darlings will be out at the various times so of the day for recess. There is always a blood-curdling screen being emitted. I almost think they are scheduled – like after little Tina screams it must always be followed by little Justin and on down the line.  I actually find it quite endearing.

3. Which TV show has had the best pilot episode?

Season 1, Episode 1 of “Lost.” In fact, the first four episodes form an amazing story arch.

4. If booby traps were legal how would you protect your home?

Pulling up “Home Alone,” the ultimate DIY bobby trap training video i go with the iced up steps with the removal of any and all handholds or leverage.

5. How would you fix America?

Two things – get the big corporate money out of the elections and let citizens vote proportionately – allowing for perhaps 10% of a vote to this person, 30% to this one, 50% to another, and so on.  It would change the tradition “First past the post” system and drastically alter the way the traditional two-party system works.

The Friday Fives

1. What’s the best cereal?

I don’t eat much breakfast cereal nowadays and if I do it is some sort of multi-whole-grain muesli kind of thing.

But in my cereal eating days, I really dug “Golden Grahams.”  Just enough crunch to milky sogginess.

2. If you could de-stress the nation by saying only one thing, what would you say?

The titles to my soon to be completed best selling business tomes:

Volume One:  “Chill The Fuck Out!”


Volume Two: “Get Your Shit Together!”

3. What’s your ‘HOLY SH!T IT WORKS!’ moment?

I look at this question as a validation of a life hack that I use.

It’s this – eat your Cheetos from the bag with chopsticks – still yummy but no cheesy powdery goo on your fingers.

4. Who would you call if you caught bigfoot?

Who I always call, Julie.

5. Which scar on your body tells the best story?

My five-year-old self running through the glass part of a storm door headfirst and cutting up my face and hands.  Four scars that are still quite visible 50 years or so later.

The Friday Fives

1. The President mistakenly declares Martian Law, instead of Martial Law. What powers does he think he has under Martian Law?

The unfortunate ability to read lips and to bore quickly into underground bunkers at will.

 2. What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

Coaching methods for better employee performance.  I can do this talk in my sleep or with the world’s worst hangover and still be very effective.

 3. What species of animal would you be most terrified of if they had the same cognitive ability as humans?

Elephants.  They are incredibly smart and super strong. If they had our instincts and cognitive ability I can only imagine the terror they would wield.

 4. What is your favorite smell and what does it remind you of?

Freshly baked (or baking) bread.  It reminds me of my mother and my youth.

 5. So far the first half of 2020 has been a wild ride. What should happen in the second half in order to compensate for all the bad things that have happened? 

The end of the Trump mistake and a cure for the ‘rona.  I am speaking for all of mankind at this point.