Friday Fives

1. If you had the chance to meet someone you’ve never met, from the past or present, who would it be?
Mark Twain or Ambrose Bierce. I love a good story teller.

2. If you had to live in a different century, past or future, which would it be?
1850s London

3. If you had to move anywhere else on Earth, where would it be?
Iceland. Reportedly a very nice place.

4. If you had to be a fictional character, who would it be?

5. If you had to live with having someone else’s face as your own for the rest of your life, whose would it be?
hmmm. Interesting. I wouldn’t mind looking in the mirror every day and seeing old school Elvis. Or that kid from That 70s Show – Ashton Kutchter. It must be rough going through life looking like that.

Friday Fives

Special Sunday edition.1. What is one thing you don’t like about your body?
I need to get in shape period. I have a tightness in my back from lack of exercise and I don’t like that much.

2. What are two things you love about your body?
I have great eyes and my curly wavy hair, after years of fighting it, has become one of my favorite things.

3. What are three things you want to change about your home?
Paint in the livingroom, kitchen, dining room. But to hell with all that. I need to move further West.

4. What are four books you want to read this year?
What Should I Do With My Life by Po Bronson> Delano by John Orozoco> No One’s Even Bleeding by Lenny Castellenata> Lake Effect by Rich Cohen.

5. What are five promises you have kept to yourself?
Wow, this is hard. To finish college; to be more courageous at work; to learn chess; to never lose my keys or wallet; to floss regularly.

Friday Fives

1. As a child, who was your favorite superhero/heroine? Why
Green Lantern. He seemed to be “more real” than the other heroes. Except for maybe Peter Parker of Spiderman fame, he seemed puzzled and uneasy about his powers.

2. What was one thing you always wanted as a child but never got?
An electric go cart and a set of Legos ® (My mom and dad were more of the Tinker Toy/Lincoln Log set.)

3. What’s the furthest from home you’ve been?
Geneva, Switzerland or maybe Northern Italy while serving in the Army and stationed in Germany.

4. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t yet?
To speak Spanish and if I can take two instead of one ? to play the guitar.

5. What are your plans for the weekend?
Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend, which involves a parade downtown tomorrow morning. I am not making any promises, but perhaps I will commandeer a float and make like Ferris Bueller and sing to the crowds.

Friday Fives

A day late but nonetheless:1. What was the last song you heard?
Rhett Miller “Point Shirley”

2. What were the last two movies you saw?
Home video – “Barbershop.” At the theater: “Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers.” I don’t do many theater outings. I almost always months behind.

3. What were the last three things you purchased?
Since I am unemployed, purchases aren’t happening at an alarming rate. Easter candy, recent Rolling Stone issue, Warm Mist Humidifier.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?
Sunday is Clean Sheet day! Run to hardware store for new handle for tea pot. Empty out the cat box. To the zoo for a picnic!

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?
Julie, Shelly, Ed, Mark, Sage

Mama, Who’s My Daddy

Mama, Who’s My Daddy

It took a while for this to finally surface online, but finally, The Naked Trucker’s piece they performed on Conan O’Brien a while back is now available for download. Cripes, I find these guys funny. In a Tenacious D sort of way. But in a country western way and perhaps a more clever glimpse of the joke that they are letting us in on. It takes a bit to download, but well worth it. It is in Quick Time format, so you need to have that available on your system but otherwise, trouble free viewing.

Job Interview?

Indeed! Monday morning, 9:30 I will interview for a position with Finali Corporation. The job is “eSpecialist” doing online customer service support for Western Union customers and their dealer base. Wish me luck. After 8 and a half months on long, long unemployment, this brilliant hard working soul needs a job.

Friday Fives

  • 1. What is your most prized material possession?
  • Probably my dad’s rings that were left to me when he died. I can keep him with my all the time, that way.

  • 2. What item, that you currently own, have you had the longest?
  • I have very little stuff left from my childhood. I did a terrible job as a teen and in early adulthood keeping track of stuff. But I have all my boy scout stuff, some of it I have had since I was ten years old. I also have a book I bought in second grade from scholastic books. That is probably the thing I have kept the longest.

  • 3. Are you a packrat?
  • Yes. Every three or four months I must tear apart my bedroom and files and just jettison cargo. I seem to hold on to every scrap of paper for far too long and I hate to get rid of a book. Ever.

  • 4. Do you prefer a spic-and-span clean house? Or is some clutter necessary to avoid the appearance of a museum?
  • Clutter isn’t only good, at our house it is a fact of life. A house was meant to be lived in, not looked at. I hate folks who have to keep a house so clean and tidy they are forced to live in a tent in the backyard to keep from enjoying it.

  • 5. Do the rooms in your house have a theme? Or is it a mixture of knick-knacks here and there?
  • My bathroom has a fishing theme that for some reason or another has evolved over the years. The rest of the house has no set theme. I wouldn’t say knick knacks, persay – that evokes images of a granny’s house, but there are photos and things on the mantle and other shelves.

    By Your Command

    Good golly, it is like going back in time. Sci Fi channel began running all the Battlestar Galactica episodes in a mini marathon this morning. They remastered them with digital sound. A cable television heaven for this television junky. I used to love this show. It was on while I was in the seventh and eighth grades. As kids, we used to “play” Battlestar in the backyard, craft ships and act out space wars. I also used to watch the weekend-end long Star Trek marathons that would run. Mind you, this was before cable television hit the town. All we had was over the air TV. So when Channel Two in Denver would run its Star Trek-a-thons, we would try to watch them all. Now with cable, a marathon run of an old series happens so often that you come to expect it. Oh well.

    Say Cheese

    Shutterbug. I have this soft spot for“found”or discovered photography and pictures of odd, foreign images taken from every day things. Part of the passion started from Games magazine that I avidly read years ago. They used to take very, very close up pictures of everyday things and then crop them very tightly. The goal of the Eyeball Benders puzzle was to guess what the segment was from. Along the same lines, we have 2 .a.m. which features pictures taken late at night with no flash using only available lighting, and Midnight Exposure along the same lines. We can see what is going on via webcam anywhere in the world, or focus our attention on America’s back roads. Lileks has also collected Americana on his deep content website with this collection of postcards from American motels of 1950s and 1960s. And the whole record of the decay of the industrial age has been detailed by Dark Passage, The Ruins of Detroit or Infiltration. So pour a cup of coffee and sit back and explore this odd art museum.