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Sage wanted to add a few comments to this page, so I tinkered around and came up with the shoutbox feature on the right hand side. I ain’t hip enough on tables yet to change the template enough to add it to the entire right column but it seems to work where it is, as long as I am judicious in my archive thingys. It has a 1,000 character limit and will only show the last six comments on the page, but all of them are archived at my account at shoutbox. It could be fun. We will see.
Leave a note and let me know what you think.

Clumsy Alert

We have had this odd thing going on in our freezer for the last month or so. Somehow, a plastic bag has worked itself into the ice maker. As ice gets knocked out and the machine refills, the bag gets worked farther and farther into the mechanism. So last night I decided to take determined action and fix the thing. For God’s sake, there have been bits of plastic in the ice cubes. When the quality of my chilled beverages becomes affected, it is time to act. So as I attacked the plastic mess with a small Ginsu vegetable knife (chosen for its delicate shape), I accidentally placed my finger under the machine and got a shock/burn that ruined the rest of my day. I am a big fat baby when it comes to burns anyway. I can’t take the pain of any kind of burned flesh. But last night, after fixing the ice machine (that part of the operation was successful) I ended up with a pea-sized blister on my pinky and soaked it on ice all night while watching my stories on television. Ugh! It throbbed until about 1 a.m. For those keeping score at home, I am fine today and have wrapped the burn up to keep from bumping it. But leave it to me to find the only heat source in a freezer – in an ice maker at that! – and actually burn myself.


Dr. Phil was on Letterman last night. He was pretty charming and held his own against Dave. In fact he brought a list of all the names that Dave has called him for the past few months. Under instructions from my sister I recorded it. And I forgot until rewatching this morning the joy of the show – Sarah Vowells, one of the funniest voices writing and performing today. She was worth the videotape, even if the rest of Letterman was hype.

Happy President’s Day

t has been a theme of the late so I add this duct tape update. President Bush stocks up.