Spring Is Upon Us

No call yet on whether I have the job. Let me tell you about yesterday. I spent three hours up in Westminster at the Finali offices. A very nice facility that is just west of Ball Aerospace offices. The “Candidate Assessment Workshop” consisted of a lot team building projects, communications skills and customer service roll playing scenarios in which the 19 candidates would be hired for 11 positions available. I hope I did well, but I you can never really tell with these things. All you can do is be yourself, present your self as interested, professional and knowledgeable and hope that is what they are looking for. It does seem a lot for a job that doesn’t pay much, that is for sure. There are certainly a few there who annoyed the Finali folks on hand for assessment as well as annoying a few from the placement agency from time to time. I, of course, was as charming as can be, although I bit my tongue and didn’t go for the punch line, letting that slip sometimes can get a job candidate in trouble after all. They said they would have an answer today after the background checks were completed, but it is my experience that such statements need to be extended. But hopefully I will have an answer before Tuesday. The training class is supposed to start on Wednesday March 19.
In other news, I got my approval for the extension for unemployment benefits, so if everything goes bad, I at least have another 13 weeks of unemployment.