The Friday Fives

1. Which part of the Super Bowl are you most excited about?

It is the ads. They are usually actually entertaining.

2. What was the best Super Bowl half time show

You would think I would say Springsteen but I have go with Proince. That show was epic.

3. Do you have a favorite Super Bowl game that you can recall?

The back to back Denver Bronco wins. This is not up for debate.

4. Do you host/participate in Super Bowl viewing parties?

I go to Super Bowld parties on some years. It is fun to watch football on thee television with a lot of people.

5. What do you serve/bring for eats for the game?

In a past life chicken wings – the turkey and stuffing for the football meal. In my post meatt world I like Welsh Rarbit – a cheesy spicy gravy served on toast.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. It’s a tie between the pre-game hype and the ads. Both are silly uniquely American things that are usually fun each year.

    2. Prince or Madonna. Prince’s dangerous performance in the rain was visually amazing. Madonna’s was so complexly choreographed that it must have taken months to rehearse.

    3. The 1998 game where Denver beat Green Bay. It’s considered one of the bigger upsets in Super Bowl history.

    4. I rarely host such things–so much easier to head out.

    5. French onion dip. I use Ina Garten’s recipe, and it always gets raves.

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